Lost Angeles Receives First Hate Mail.

Today is a proud day for any blogger.  I got my first hate mail. Here it is [in response to my hello blog post “Hello Lost Angeles.”:

You forgot to say: “I am very into myself and think you should be into me too”.

Before we have some fun at a masked mystery stranger’s expense, I will respond to this, the first of many critiques to come.

Sure, I am into myself.  I have a blog.  At some level, I must like the sound of my own voice.  That’s cool, I respect your opinion, my feelings are not hurt 🙂  All things considered, however, you are the one reading my blog and commenting.  Just saying…

I will say this, next time maybe tell me who you are because it took all of three minutes to trace your IP address in a simple WHOIS search.  Why go through the trouble of not giving your email if your IP address shows up?

the only thing it didn't tell me is what you had for dinner.

the only thing it didn't tell me is what you had for dinner.

I am a pretty good dude so I blocked it all out.  But pretty sure you know I know who you are, where you work (or read blogs at least) and try to leave anonymous posts.

So next time I am in the greater Washington D.C. area, let’s grab dinner and drinks, yeah?




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2 responses to “Lost Angeles Receives First Hate Mail.

  1. IHATEU and your BLOG………

    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  2. GO DODGERS!!!!


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