The Battle for Lost Angeles.

I am not the only one using the term Lost Angeles.  Let’s scope out the competition.  I plan to outlast them, however I respect anyone who is out there creating and encourage you all to check these all out and decide for yourselves!

Lost Angeles (feminist version)

This woman describes herself as, “A woman moves to the end of the Earth, only to find herself at the beginning.”

I can’t compete with that on so many levels for so many reasons, so that’s cool, we can coexist.  Plus, she dropped like 70 posts in 2008.  Together, we’re going to do a lot more than that.

Lost Angeles Webisodes

This looks autobiographical.  I can see this writer/director duping an actress into a Brown Bunny scandal.  I just can.  Ron Darlington approves.  Also, I am pretty sure I went to college with everyone in that show.  If we have fallen out of touch, Facebook me, yeah?

Lost Angeles Clothing

Not too worried here.  Maybe they can print our… blog… t-shirts?  Meh.


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