Andrew Bynum Can Save Lost Angeles.

Andrew Bynum had his first 40+ performance last night for the Lakers.  Albeit it was against the Clip Show who also lost last week 110-109 in OT to the Thousand Oaks High School Lady Lancers, but 40 in the NBA is a big effing deal.

you're all growns up, now.

you're all growns up, now.

This is the first 40+ point performance from a Laker not previously-accused of rape in Colorado (Kobe those of you who don’t have television) since Shaq, the Big Aristotle, dropping 4 ten pieces back in 2003.

Maybe Andrew has finally arrived.  He’s big.  He flies into the lane like a bowling ball.  He got hard with LeBron the other night.  He’s even got a little attitude.  It think we all knew it when he was a little 19 year old rookie and he took Shaq on and punked him on front row center:

But Baby Bynum could be so much more.  He could be bigger than Manny.  He could be bigger than Kobe.  He could be bigger than Kirk Gibson riding a dragon through Echo Park.

All he has to do is grow a ‘fro.

dunk, sucka.

dunk, sucka.

Damn son, I thought you knew.  He could literally be the posterchild for Lost Angeles with an afro and beard combo.  He could bring it back in a way not seen since Samuel L. Jackson’s turn in Pulp Fiction.

I dare anyone not to believe in the 7 foot fro-growin’ wonder child that could be Andrew Baby Bynum.  He said recently his nickname is “the A-Train”.  Earn that shit, son.  Grow a fro.  Please.  Lost Angeles depends on it.

Sign Manny.


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