John from Erie, PA is Effing Pissed.

If you have ever gotten sick and weren’t sure if you needed to go to the doctor, I am sure at some point you Google’d your ailment.

After a monster meal at Taxco  and relatively little sleep of late (working hard and working late), I came home and noticed a vein bulging on my forehead.  I wondered if lack of sleep covered this so I figured Google might shed some light on the subject.  Since I started cooking, I have become fascinated with everything.  Even my own forehead.

These health forums are usually good for a laugh.  It’s like a group of non-trained unprofessionals assessing medical ailments.  I wonder how many deaths come about each year from people following non-medically administered web health advice?

I suspected head vein might return some funny results.  Boy was I right.  Turns out, for some people this is a big ass deal.  Read this:

so serious right now.

so serious right now.

John from Erie, PA is freaking out.  Literally, he may snap.  If there’s a murder and the artist’s rendition has a bulging head vein, we know John found the Heckler in New Jersey and put that motherfucker down.

Cold blooded.  OK.  I’m spent.

Goodnite Lost Angeles.  See you bright and early when my forehead doesn’t look like John’s.  LOL.



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2 responses to “John from Erie, PA is Effing Pissed.

  1. Tudela

    Parker… You are friggin hilarious… And this has got to be my favorite one… xoxo

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