Things to Put on Your Wall that Don’t Suck.

My new spot will be the new home for Lost Angeles. I am excited because I will finally have an office. Also, the kitchen has white tiles so I think the recipe photos will look better.

le office.

le office.

So anyway, my girlfriend found this amazing poster we are definitely putting up in plain site. I love it. Even better, the poster artist uses the same font I used when I branded Lost Angeles. Check it out:



I love how every neighborhood is represented. LA is a city not often represented via the bird’s eye. So it’s ordered and it’s making it’s way to the coast via the pony express.

If you are into it, they also have Boston, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco and so on. But if you buy LA, you are kind of a copycat.

Another thing I want to place somewhere cool, like a bathroom is this offering from eBoy. You may know their shiz from the Kidrobot stores on Sawtelle or on Melrose. They make Peecol, the little collectable figurines you will find on many a designer’s desk at work. Check out there Los Angeles Pixorama:


Anyway, if you know of any more cool Lost Angeles flavorings, let me know. I will post. I am the post with the most.



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