Begging with No Pants On.

Monday tradition, the weekend recap:

Left work driving extra-aggressively because I was needing the weekend badly. Bad vibrations everywhere. Accidents and traffic jams everywhere. Chaos between me and the Valley. See someone trying to sell a screenplay with an outdoor ad. A cheap one. Fucking idiot.

tight, i'll buy two.

tight, i'll buy two.

Pretty sure if you are banking that someone will see this and call you to buy it from you, there are better places to put this poster than on the corner of Santa Monica and Sawtelle. Unless you want to sell it to a sushi chef or the guy who owns Kidrobot. Suggestion for the future. Paste this in front of CAA or Endeavor.

Get home. Watch seven minutes of television and eat some pita chips with hummus as I have forgotten to eat until this point. Interactive is hard work sometimes. Hummus is a terrible decision by mile 3 of my 4 mile run. Garlic and regret and heartburn.

Shower abruptly and continue sweating as I am getting dressed. Wear same collared shirt/sweater combo third day in a row. Begin to feel like I am a Catholic school girl in my uniform. Drink a lowball of whiskey and head over the hill to get my girlfriend. Parallel park under extreme duress on 6th.

Walk to Campanile. It’s buzzing. Get seated in intimate upstairs area. Drink some good wine from Chile. Plays well with Jack Daniels in my stomach. Bacon and leek tart is awesome. Not sure if I want to eat it with a steak or with a scoop of ice cream. Leg of lame with chestnut puree is pure insanity. I want to eat the other three legs. Boca Negra cake is too rich for me to eat. It’s still fantastic. I love dineLA. This meal would have been richer than my taste otherwise. America.

campanile, los angeles, ca.

campanile, los angeles, ca.

Walk to Yogurtland with people trying to metabolize dinner. Girls like yogurt. This place is a lot to handle. The line is packed. Yogurt is a big deal apparently. I have missed the headlines. Bullshit with Danny about his travels in China. Don’t remember falling asleep. Do remember tripping out staring at Japanese tree Caitlin painted on the living room wall.

cherry blossoms aren't in season yet.

cherry blossoms aren't in season yet.

Regret that I planned to go to the bar and failed. Food coma. At least I woke up in the morning.

Take the time to give 30 days notice at my apartment in the morning. Make some bagel dough quickly. Decide to let it rise in my car. See a dude with his pants down in the Media District of Hollywood. Always fun.

this went on for minutes.

this went on for minutes.

Get out to Westlake Village. Get my stitches taken out. I am kind of numb to this process. Turn the bagel dough into bagels. Eat one with family and girlfriend. Parents can’t believe I like cooking this much. I go for a run around the lake. It’s not the easiest place to run with headwind.

westlake village, ca

westlake village, ca

Get a haircut. Get some dinner. Go shopping late at night to make chili for the Super Bowl. Hoping Arizona wins. Pretty sure they won’t. Pass out.

Wake up. Run 5 miles. Girlfriend fins stray Husky lurking around the property. We apprehend it and take it in the backyard. The dog is cool. It pisses everywhere. Territory marked. We call animal services. Woman on phone is an idiot. Finally get her to call the owner. Owner is a German make. Dog is named Isis. Both are cool. Crisis resolved.

I make the chili. It is awesome.

it actually looked like this minus the white bowls.

it actually looked like this minus the white bowls.

Got recipe from Gourmet Magazine. Worked really well. Super Bowl was fun. I had fun watching it.

Not as much as this guy:

still a buckeye.  still a loser.

still a buckeye. still a loser.


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