Breaking the Silence.

I am really sorry. To all of you out there. I have had a completely strange two weeks. I know the loyal readers know about some of it, but I’ll let you all in on what’s up and when this blog will go back to kicking some ass…

First off, I left my job and have moved on to a big agency in the clouds. I won’t say where, but I will say it’s going to be insane. The office is huge. I walked in this morning there was a DJ spinning 90s music for no reason at all. There is a full court basketball court in the center of the office. I work with some new exciting people. I really miss my old co-workers at the same time. Life changes.

I am moving this weekend. I have already started. It’s nuts.

I am ramping up to start the blog in earnest again.

Thanks for all your patience and support!



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  1. kaliphornya

    This is ridiculous. Do you know what happens when you take the crack away from the crack head? He goes on withdrawls….I am freaking out man…..

    GO Dodgers

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