Andre Ethier Update.

Since the beginning of the Andre quest, a lot has happened.  Let me do my best to explain where the situation is in “loose” chronological order.

  • I write a general email to
  • I post the same email at LA Snark, where I am the new Sports Blogger.
  • LAist picks up the story and Zach B. is cool enough to file it front and center under Extra, Extra.
LAist / 3.09.2009

LAist / 3.09.2009

  • Someone thinks my restaurant choice is off.  They are wrong.
  • picture-5
  • I email MSTI, Bill Plaschke (he’s written me back in the past), Dodger Thoughts @ the LA Times, and so on.
  • Jon @ Dodger Thoughts hits me back and is super cool.  He posts my blog on his blog, which is a must-read for any Dodger fan.
LA Times Dodger Thoughts / 3.10.2009

LA Times Dodger Thoughts / 3.10.2009

  • I Facebook stalk Josh Rawitch, who is in change of all communication for the Dodgers.  He seems like a good dude.  I remember him dealing with the Manny negotiations.  I feel weird Facebook stalking him.  Whatever.  For the cause, bro.
  • Bill Plaschke writes me back.  He says he likes Roscoe’s too and that he hopes Andre is down.  Again, Bill is a good guy and humble enough to humor me.
  • A friend tells me he’s informed Andre’s agent at CAA about the blog.  Maybe his assistant passed it on, maybe not.  I thank my friend for liking the article and being a G (in the Gatorade way).
  • My Twitter account begins growing slowly.  It is culminated when the LA Times follows me.


So, in the end of the day, it’s been a great success so far.  People are finding out and they are reading about it and sending it to their friends.

Why do all this?  It’s not for a handout,  I cover the team and have season tickets already.  It’s not for celebrity, although I wouldn’t mind being a “local” celebrity.  If Fred Roggin is, then I deserve to be.  But I digress…

I am doing this because the fans should believe they matter to the team.  I am just a guy with a blog, but so is Andre.  It’s a tough economy.  We should all be so lucky to know we are rooting for something great.



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2 responses to “Andre Ethier Update.

  1. This is awesome, Zack. I really hope this happens.

  2. Zack

    you and me both.

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