Iraqi Soccer Player Killed During Penalty Kick.

This story seemed like something out of a bad movie, only it isn’t.  This is the world we are living in, folks.  In Iraq this weekend in a soccer match between Sinjar and Buhairat, Sinjar found themselves leading 1-0.  At one point, Buhairat obtained a penalty kick that could have tied the game with only a minute left to play…

Only the striker for Buhairat was shot in the head just before he attempted the penalty kick.

The police arrested the shooter, but in so many ways this is indicative of how the line of sport and society come too close for comfort.  I don’t need to offer a diatribe as to why this happened or  why it is horrible.  This event speaks for itself.

More than anything, I wonder what kind of world exists where someone’s child, someone’s father was murdered for trying to win a fucking soccer game.

I’m speechless.  What do you all think, Lost Angeles?



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3 responses to “Iraqi Soccer Player Killed During Penalty Kick.

  1. Wow. This is one of those things that you can’t really explain. Some people are just crazy.

  2. Maybe this is why Manny acts like he’s not trying.

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