users revolt against LA-based Internet Brands


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So I caught this on LA Snark, and suddenly it disappeared?  Repost for your pleaaaasure:

Longtime users of the Internet Brands-acquired site, became preeeetttttty irate their beloved site turned into a strange new world the other day. Internet Brands had been trying to change the format of the site from it’s previous message board system to the VBulletin system, which Internet Brands owns. When they finally went through with the changes, veteran users were not pleased. Users revolted quickly and in such a way that only an angry mob of people trying to take their mind off their day job have the ability to do. Forum users filled AudiWorld with words that our moms probably don’t want us reproducing here.

After the board went back up with a rousing thumbs down from the community, users quickly rallied together and formed a new site for Audi enthusiasts called Note to webmasters: Don’t screw with Audi owners.

For more details read this post and start watching this video at 4:00:


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