More Boston Love From Trippah.

Here’s another response from Trippah, who is becoming one of my new best friends.  I hope he likes talking to me as much as I enjoy talking to him.  By the end of this, I am pretty sure we’ll be BFF.

As always, with my annotations in red:

Ill tell you what, how about you bring all your chump college and pro teams to boston and suit up against the sox, celts, and pats? (is this up to me?  I’ll call them.  When’s good for you guys?  I think USC football is available on Saturday afternoon, but the Lakers will be too busy wondering if the Celtics can get past the Cavs) Why the F is my spelling such a problem? (For me, it’s not.  I could see it being tough to find employment that requires you to write anything) I feel like im corresponding with my boss or the governor or somehting. (I think that just made my point.) Get over it, were just talking sports, not re-writing the constitution.(If you re-write the Constitution, that’s the country I want to live in.  With Liberty, and Pedroia for all, right?  Wicked, tight.)

Its like i say “many sucks and its clearly on the home stretch of his career” and you come back at me with, “you spelled “Manny” wrong and forgot to capitalize the “M”.” That is retahded.  (It’s like, you spell everything wrong, and like, I try to translate it so my readers know what you are trying to say.)

….im sorry you went to USC, you were probably in some toolish frat too.  (Guilty as charged.  Although you did say talking to me felt like talking to your boss, and that’s probably a strong possibility one day.

So there is the latest conversation.  Trippah, if you read this, I am giving you a special opportunity.  I will give you a free post on this blog.  Just write me an article and I will post it.  I promise I won’t make comments in red.  I like your style, dude.  Tell the world how it is.



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2 responses to “More Boston Love From Trippah.

  1. Trippah from Southie

    Spell check brotha, spell check.

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