KROQ the House, Lost Angeles.

ukiSo we got invited to play the KROQ Locals Only presents show next Thursday 4.16.2009 @ the Roxy on Sunset along with some great bands like Glacier Hiking and His Orchestra.  I also made a cool flyer that you can look at directly above.  Our album will be on sale or you can get it on iTunes.

You can buy tickets at the door or via this Ticketmaster link.  Don’t worry that we are not mentioned, they submit that early on, and the Fight arrived fashionably late with a glass of 18 year old scotch and a pair of aviators on.  We’re been buried deep below the earth’s crust training hard for this one.  We want to see you all there.

We feel like Thursday used to be the New Friday, but lately, it has been more like a Second Wednesday.  Let’s make it the New Friday again.  Or better yet, a First Halloween and Second New Year’s Eve combined.  Yes?  [yes was spoken in Gordon Ramsey’s voice]

that's bollocks.  dreamer.

that's bollocks. dreamer.



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2 responses to “KROQ the House, Lost Angeles.

  1. Lex

    I didn’t know you were in a band! Shows how much attention I pay…I got some questions for you.

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