Off to the Ravine!


I could barely sleep last night.  Like a little boy, I had fidgeting feet and a rapid heartbeat.  It never, ever gets old.  It doesn’t matter who is in town on opening day.  It is like the Super Bowl to me.  It is like seeing an old friend again after a long, long time away.  You enjoy football for what it is worth and do your best to follow the Lakers.  I enjoy all of it, but it is not the feeling I will have today in the parking lot at waiting to come back into the stadium after a long, long winter.

The stadium will be dressed in bunting and the fireworks will go off.  I will see my summer family again and we will be glad to be alive another year.  It is baseball season again!

Please send me your favorite opening day memories.  I will be writing a post this evening.


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  1. Love it! I can 100% relate to this. I’m from Canada and it’s hard not being surrounded by baseball fans… thank God for satellite radio and Vin Scully’s voice! Every year when I come down to LA for a few games, I am quickly reminded what a great family I have at Dodger Stadium. It’s what gets me through the winter. 🙂

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