Hate Mail Again.

Randy Whittman had this to say.  Just guessing this isn’t the guy who coach the Timberwolves:

I’m writing a screenplay about douchebags running around LA with shin splints, does that mean I have to follow you around with my laptop? Nope. That’s what a lack of imagination is for.

Well Randy.  If you are one of the Starbucks Screenwriters, I have a few “notes” for you.   I think I hurt your feelings.  That’s okay, use it.  At USC they used to tell us you have to learn to believe in yourself or no one else will.  So what if I hurt your feelings?  It wasn’t personal.  In fact, I didn’t know you wrote at Starbucks until you went ahead and commented.  That’s cool.  I also didn’t know you read my blog so avidly, thanks for reading it and taking the time to post.  That is more than most of my readers who do like me take the time to do.

I am truly sorry you didn’t enjoy my post.  My best advice would be to stop reading my blog.



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2 responses to “Hate Mail Again.

  1. Mars

    You didn’t hurt my feelings and I don’t read your blog avidly. As to where I write, where do you write? I didn’t know Denny’s had outlets. But hey, man, the truth is in the skyline. And, yes, I used to coach the Minnesota Timberwolves, good catch. And don’t ever admit you went to USC. It’s much worse than writing at starbucks.

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