Is Kevin Garnett Really Hurt?

For the amount I beat up on Boston on this blog, let me make one thing clear:  I don’t want Kevin Garnett to be injured.  Would you want Kobe to be injured in the playoffs?  Or LeBron?  No.  You want everyone at full strength.  I want the Celtics to deal with the reality on the court that King James has executed his coup de tat and the blood is about to flow.  It would seem like the road to the NBA Finals, at least in the east, runs through the Mistake by the Lake (that’s Cleveland).

The thing is, I am not sure Garnett is even hurt.  How could you be sure?  After Pierce’s Oscar-winning turn in last year’s Finals, it is hard to know.  I mean, let’s give the Green Team some credit.  Even if Pierce faked that injury, it completely shifted the balance of power in the series.  The Lakers were headf#$($*d for the rest of the series.  It might have been brilliant.  I can only imagine all the Laker players thinking about their own mortality following a fellow hooper tearing his knee up, only to realize he in fact is back in the game bombing three’s like he is in the Air Force.  The crowd was going crazy.


The minute KG went down I didn’t buy it, but then I backed off a little.  I honestly really think KG is awesome, save the “anything is possible” thing, which was totally lame.  But he is a passionate leader and he took the Celtics from being a team dropping games on purpose to get a better lotto pick (hooray Greg Oden) to a team that played monster defense and won another title to remind the NBA of Boston’s proud legacy.  He is the most important player on that team.  They did nothing with Pierce back in the day.  Rondo likes to rollerskate.  Ray Allen went missing for most of last year.  Marbury?  Big Baby?  That dude cried on national television.

KG is the Celtics.  With him at the throne, they are beasts.  They play that championship defense that keeps you in every game.  When he pops a turn around jumper and pumps his fist, you feel it in the crowd.  This guy loves to win.

But now he is going to miss the playoffs.  Is anyone out there Oliver Stoned as I am?  Is it possible this is another Boston Broadway Show?  I hope not.  I almost doubt it, but I am raising the question.  Like everything injury wise with the Celtics, it is questionable.  Here are the facts:

He injured his right knee Feb. 19
He missed the next 13 games
He returned for four and played “limited” time
He was set to come back for 3 games
Then 2
Then 1, but didn’t
He ran for 20 minutes and then Doc Rivers shut him down at practice
ESPN reports that it is “Garnett’s decision” whether he plays in the playoffs.ESPN reports that Doc Rivers is benching him because he physically cannot perform.

Rivers said: “If he can’t get through biking and working out without swelling and his leg locking, I don’t know how you can play in the playoffs.  This was an honest run today, you couldn’t make your way through it. The guy’s a warrior, you see him try to mask his way through it. But after 20 minutes of running, I don’t see it. After today, there’s no way he can play.”

After 20 minutes?  A lot of you out there probably couldn’t run for 20 minutes on perfect knees.  Also, how is it Garnett’s decision?  Didn’t Doc make the decision 24 hours after saying it was KG’s call?

This reminds me of the Beanie Wells thing last year with Ohio State.  The story has shifted from the Celtics aren’t good enough to usurp the Cavs for top record (neither was the Lake Show), but now the story is what is up with KG.  Why not just say he’s hurt and can’t play, but hopefully we’ll go deep in the playoffs and he’ll have time to get back out there?

maybe he is like the terminator.  maybe he "will be back"?

maybe he is like the terminator. maybe he "will be back"?

That’s because Boston might be playing head games.  I hope not, because KG is better than that.  The fact that I think it is a possibility is rough.  But if you AREN’T from Boston, don’t you think it’s possible?

I guess I do.  Either way, I hope he gets better.  No KG in the playoffs in green would be sad for the game.


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