Let’s Send Spring to Her Grave with Fireworks.

Do me a favor.  Press play on this video and then continue reading on.  Put your headphones on or turn your speakers up. Don’t read if you are feeling pessimistic or cross.  This is for the optimists out there.

Soon it is going to be summer and a lot will change.  It will be great, but it won’t be this wintered spring anymore.  We’re going to celebrate tonight with our warm coats by playing you all some music and doing so with some other really great musicians you will enjoy.  Let’s all hang out on a Thursday and enjoy the fact we’re young.  Sooner than you think, we won’t be young anymore.  We will wish we could just go out and see something on a school night.

I don’t even care if you come to see us play.  If that was the only point, it would be shameless self-promotion.  Instead, I am just offering you a path for the evening.  I’d love to see you there, but tonight I want you all to go out and be outside and enjoy yourselves.  Tonight, what is more important than where, although you are more than welcome.  Come 9 o’clock, we will turn the lights down low and play as hard as we can and point us towards the weekend with stress pouring off the starboard. There is nothing better than getting lost for a little while.

Call someone, call anyone you really love and go out and do something with them.  Call someone you think you love.  Just call someone.  Reach out.  Don’t just stay indoors.  Take a risk and send a dangerous text.  Order a second or third drink at dinner.   Spend $20 on something you don’t need and give it to someone you don’t know.  Take a sticker for something you like and put it in the coolest place you can find.  Over-tip your server by 3%.

tickets at the door, whiskey stains on the floor.

tickets at the door, whiskey stains on the floor.

One night only, under the lights.  Let’s hold glasses of whiskey high and laugh it off.  Tonight is the night!  Come out, or if not, at least go out!


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