Text From Last Night.

A coworker posted this is their status.  I think this site is very worthy of getting passed around.  Apparently, it’s a forum to post drunk text messages you have received from the night before.

headerClick the picture above to check it out at http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/.   Below, I have curated some of my favorites.

(248): Yo dont text me then not text me

(510): So drunk, too bad you don’t want this

(703): I specifically asked you not to be slutty tonight.

(310): I love you and miss you, which in no way dimishes how much I hate the person you turned out to be, but I still love and miss you.

(917): Come with me and I’ll find you a girl. What’s your type?
(212): Vagina

(973): Plan B is the new Plan A


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  1. I will be wasting a lot of time here.

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