Daily Arrogant: Black Holes.

Andrew Hamilton, a professor of astrophysics at Boulder explains to us that black holes are super simple to understand.  That’s super arrogant.

“Black holes are some of the simplest things in the universe. We think of them as being complicated things because they’re described by complicated mathematics,” Hamilton said, “But as a practical matter, they are, in fact, much simpler than the sun, far simpler than stars and infinitely simpler than human beings.”

Oh really?  You’re arrogant.  And I like it.


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One response to “Daily Arrogant: Black Holes.

  1. Anything you can’t see is simpler than that which you can examine. Atoms were once very simple. Now things to particle accellerators, they are now viewed as complex. I guess this does prove that the simple process of observation changes what we observe.

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