Boston Hate Mail to Brighten Your Tuesday.

They love me in Boston.  Here’s some more annotation for you all.  This one from the uber-classy screenname “UrAidsBlog”.  But picking on people with a terminal illness aside, this guy is super smart.

Dude you are such a whiney homer. it’s whiny, but why not?  although you are the one on my blog whining. If Lakers fans aren’t using Bynum as an excuse then why are they always bringing him up?  i wouldn’t call it an excuse so much as a fact.  we got out-physicalled.  bynum is a thick, 7 foot center.  i think we needed him.  just like you need KG.  it’s not an excuse.  you need him.  that’s a fact. You had your starting 7 footer in Gasoul and thats all you should be comparing.  he’s a power forward, not a center. He played soft and everyone knows it thats why he hit the weights this offseason. yes he did.  of course, he played out of position.  i am sure if you had to do your bosses job, it’d be hard.  i know tying a tie can be difficult. I have no doubt the Lakers will prob win the title this season but why do insecure fans always need to bring up Boston in their rambles. at least you have no doubt we will win the title. I mean for people to even compare KGs absence to Bynums youd have to be a complete idiot. didn’t you just compare KG’s absence to Bynum’s?  wasn’t that what this was?


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One response to “Boston Hate Mail to Brighten Your Tuesday.

  1. Jon

    I don’t know who to side with here. Homer.

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