We’re So 2.0.

You know when people show you cool stuff on the internet you maybe haven’t seen?  I love that feeling.  So I am trying to do that with you.  Feel free to send this around and be that person who found that blog that had something cool to check out.  You are so 2.0.

_bmw-zx-6-concept-1In Turin, the IED (istituto Europeo di Design) developed in partnership with BMW a model for a car to come out in 2015.  It may just be a concept, but it is super trippy.  The part I especially enjoy is guessing where the hell to put your wife/girlfriend/girl you impressed with penis-shaped car.

the baron von pipeface

the baron von pipeface

This artist had the great idea of painting pupils on two ping pong balls and sticking them on metal objects creating faces.  I think it is classic.  Here’s a couple more.

john cougar firealarm.

john cougar firealarm.

phillip seymour schnozzle.

phillip seymour schnozzle.

Let’s shift gears now…

Perpetual (Tropical) SunshineSo you could have screwed the pooch and moved to Sweden or Norway or Sweway or Norland or anywhere else that is super balls cold and devoid of the happy yellow thing we take for granted here in Lost Angeles.  Well, the people of the Northern Quarter are jealous.   This machine is made up of infrared bulbs that simulate the brightness and temperature of daylight in tropical environments.  Pick somewhere.  Negril, Jamaica.  This thing adjusts to mimic exactly what it feels like to be there.  Triptastic.



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