Lost Sessions Interview: Kellen Roland from thegluttony.com

Kellen Roland is the Reez from thegluttony.com, one of LA’s hottest and most controversial blogs.  This blog is part food blog, part lifestyle blog, part funny, part frightening.  I read a lot of blogs because I like to stay up on the competition.

I read thegluttony.com because it is awesome.  After you are done reading, CLICK HERE and bookmark it.  The Reez and Co. should be a part of your day, like a shit, shower or shave.

Most of this interview was conducted last Friday just before the Laker game.  The rest was today.  Side note, the Reez and I knew each other way back when.  I told my Dad I was interviewing him.  He just responded, “that guy was a good football player.”


I said back to him, “you should see him blog.”


The Reez (right) offers his readers a Gluttsie treat.

The Reez (right) offers his readers a gluttonous treat.

Z:  It’s 4pm on a Friday, Lake Show in two hours. How’s it going Kellen?

Reez:  It’s going great. cant wait to get out of here so I can watch the lake show Reez:  whoop denvers ass
Reez:  Kobe is the truth

Z:  You think they close out the Denver Thuggets tonight?

Reez:  No doubt
Reez:  but Kobe has to be a facilitator.
Reez:  the lakers win when the other guys are involved. otherwise they just sit and watch the Kobe show.

Z:  The Gluttony is one of LA’s hottest blogs. How would you describe what kind of content you are serving?

Reez:  fuck that. go to www.thegluttony.com and find out
Reez:  i am not here to explain what I do
Reez:  haha
Reez:  too much?

Z:  nah I think you just explained it
Z:  I liked your recent Vegas photo series. Find any Fear and Loathing in the desert this time through?

Reez:  a tad bit of mescaline but that was it
Reez:  Vegas is pretty much the worst place on earth.
Reez:  nothing good comes out of there

Z:  it’s bat country.

Reez:  hahaha

Z:  the pictures suggest you did it right. even got some Eat With Reez entries in.

Reez:  all day every day
Reez:  I am all about food
Reez:  some people eat to live
Reez:  I live to eat
Reez:  gluttony

eat with reez.

eat with reez.

Z:  Water only policy. Where did that come from?
Z:  I guess sometimes you opt for a shake, but it seems like water is your weapon of choice.

Reez:  I love water
Reez:  I used to drink like 9 cokes a day as a child…. now that I am older i just cant do it. occasionally take a sip of a soda but that is it

Z:  When did the Gluttony start officially?

Reez:  about a year and half ago.
Reez:  I was watching sigourny weaver on animal planet and the gluttony became the name of choice

Z:  hahaha. i think i know what you mean.
Z:  Dead or Asleep. Talk to me about where you got that idea.

Reez:  It’s amazing huh? Send your own DOA to info@thegluttony.com
Reez:  I was talking to a good friend who runs this amazing blog http://frankandjan.com/WIT/
Reez:  he sent me a picture. I loved it. and the rest is history.
Reez:  Fuck homeless or hipster. It’s all about dead or alseep
Reez:  there are times when I question if they are really dead.

Z:  For me, it is much more complicated. I check the photos out and find myself laughing, and then hating myself for thinking the shit is funny.

Reez:  I will admit I have passed on a few photo opps. finding myself feeling human sometimes
Reez:  its all in good fun
Reez:  i just gave a bum a coke yesterday.

dead or asleep.

dead or asleep.

Z:  i find sometimes reading your blog, you have a skill when it comes to partying on the line between frightening and hilarious. is it the kind of thing where you know it when you see it?

Reez:  I know it’s going to be something. I have to remind my self that this blog is for me and if it’s funny to then I just go for it.
Reez:  when you start to worry about how people will take it you loose your edge
and lets be real here. this is not your mommas blog. thegluttony is some rugged street shit. I am liable to get out of pocket at any moment.

Z:  Tell me about Gunner’s Memoirs

Reez:  uuhhhhh Those are almost too much to even talk about
Reez:  It’s the world throu Gunner eyes
Reez:  he is a beast
Reez:  He is a cocaine fueled sex addicted with no regard for himself or anyone around him
Reez:  Everyone has (or wishes) a little Gunner in them
Reez:  Or have had Gunner in their girlfriend
Reez:  You just have to read them… http://thegluttony.com/gunner

Z:  haha, one of my favorite features on your site.

Reez:  Mine as well.
Reez:  It’s hard to touch Dead or Asleep though

Z:  Where do you see the Gluttony going? Blog forever? Book? Film? If it’s a film, can Lost Angeles be involved?

Reez:  The future of the gluttony… A heart attack, Gunner Dead, A law suite from DOA….
Reez:  I just want as many people as possible to read it.
Reez:  It’s good entertainment and I think it is a great place for the sophisticated to come and get out of pocket
Reez:  it’s all for fun. The world is way too serious and the Gluttony is a place to not be so serious
but at the same time I will tear you down if you step on something I believe in.
Reez:  If we make a movie of course you will be involved.

Z:  I understand what you mean. I feel the same way about this blog, which is why I am interviewing you right now. I think The Gluttony is one of LA’s best blogs, hands down, and this is a talented city.

Reez:  You don’t have to blow smoke up my ass now… the interview is almost over

Z:  yes, but I know for a fact the future war will be lead by the bloggers
Z:  because i am pretty sure we are what will kill the internet

Reez:  I appreciate the compliment.
Reez:  we already killed print media
Reez:  blogs are the life and the Poisson of media/journalism.
Reez: too many unchecked experts
Reez:  I don’t even like blogs
Reez:  I just like taking ill photos of food and of bums that look dead.

Z:  For me, blogging is just a place to put shit out there. Proverbially, throwing a bunch of shit at a wall and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t.
Z:  What is it like for you?

Reez:  A platform to speak my mind
Reez:  A way to share my views and opinions with other and most importantly a place to hate
Reez:  its a commitment
Reez:  sometimes I find my self not eating my food and just photographing it
Reez:  People look at you a little funny when you break out a G10 at the Bazaar at SLS or Boa and start snapping away
Reez:  I consider myself a food critic. Soon the gluttony will have a rating system. so to all your food spots: you better serve me right or I will rip your shit. But if your service is dope I got your back and will get you some new customers.
Reez: Don’t be mad if they roll in wearing Altamont denim, chucks and t shirts though. don’t worry they can pay the bill

Z:  okay, let’s rapid fire.

Reez:  i will take my ring off for this

Z:  Favorite spot Downtown:

Reez:  dont go there enough
Reez:  i will say farmer boys

Z:  Paparazzi?

Reez:  Bitches
Reez:  but– celebrities use them just as much as they use the celebs

Z:  Last meal you’d eat before Cloverfield eats your apartment.

Reez:  marios or chicken fingers
Reez:  at marios its the 14 http://thegluttony.com/2009/05/12/eat-wreez-marios

Z:  last question. what are the odds we can get the Gluttsie crew out with the Lost Angelinos, Fight From Above and some good old boys from the deep Val and adventure to the new Hunter S. Thompson themed Cedd Moses bar downtown?

Reez:  Done and Done

Z:  bring the G10, we’ll document it.

Reez:  never leave home with out it

session's over.

session's over.

*all conversation was conducted via AIM.  All photos are copyright the Reez and thegluttony.com



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5 responses to “Lost Sessions Interview: Kellen Roland from thegluttony.com

  1. jaygray3

    ya’ll are too much! but both of the blogs are favorited in your boy’s laptop.

  2. Forgot to add… I need my own cooking show. Trust me it will be spice.

  3. Jaygray the legend. what is up? We need to go bang on some homies at 24 for old time sake.

  4. brown baby

    Kellen is the street… ha!

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