Free the Barrel Monster.

Joseph Carnevale may be a super genius.  This is a college junior at North Carolina State who kept seeing the big orange barrels that protect medians from cars and cars from medians on the lonely roads of Raleigh.    He kept seeing them until he came up with what seemed to be a great plan.

The Barrel Monster.



Joey C. got busted for this.  For the destruction, or perhaps “repurposing”, of three orange barrels, the dude got served by the long arm of the law.  So the company that lost $365 worth of barrels?  Not pressing charges.  In fact, they say the press they have received is worth way, way more.  They love the monster, which the cops had already disassembled (MURDERED!) and have requested Joey C. to RE-MAKE it to live in infamy at their offices.

So are the cops letting the kid off?  Nope.  The law is the law.  And North Carolina is bat country.   Carnevale keeps it real.  His whole apartment is painted with sharks and skulls and even a picture of Gandhi.  Even cooler, this guy has hot glued thousands of beer caps to his VW Bug.

He doesn’t seem to mind his incarceration.  Joey C. was quoted saying:  “If you can break the rules, and no one knows they were broken in the first place, then there’s no point”.

I got an idea, kid.  Move to Los Angeles.  We’ll take you.


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One response to “Free the Barrel Monster.

  1. I saw this thing earlier. It’s awesome.

    But I’m confused. The company that made the barrels isn’t pressing charges? Don’t they sell/rent them to the government anyway?

    I mean, I guess it could be saying they’ve offered to replace them free of charge, in which case the police would still have the right to arrest the guy.

    But they’d better watch out or that monster will come after them.

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