Wake and Bacon.

A lot of times designers create things just to act “all indie” and feel “all superior” to their less creative human friends.  I have seen things like alarm clocks that display words instead of numbers because numbers are so “pedestrian”.  You, the average human, are going about your day thinking “I am more concerned that it is only 2pm and I have a lot of workday left than with the annoying fact that digital clocks say 2:13pm instead of two-thirteen pm”.  Actually, the clock I am talking about is kind of cool.  I am a hypocrite.  You all know that much by now…

The point is, creative people may sometimes piss you off but the reality is, sometimes they just go big in the best way possible.  Check out the Wake and Bacon from Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini, Hsiao-huh Hsu.

wake-sleepImagine you are asleep.  The alarm goes off.  Life sucks.  These designers got to thinking, ‘how can we make this daily ritual suck less’.  Let me be the first to say, I like where their heads are at.  Imagine if instead of waking up to Dan Patrick on 570, you got to wake up to the smell of bacon cooking mere inches from your gullet.

That is what the Wake and Bacon does.  And also, it is shaped to look like a pig.  Which is hilarious and ironic.


Here is how it works direct from the source:

HOW: A frozen strip of bacon is placed in Wake n’ Bacon the night before. Because there is a 10 minute cooking time, the clock is set to go off 10 minutes before the desired waking time. Once the alarm goes off, the clock it sends a signal to a small speaker to generate the alarm sound. We hacked the clock so that the signal is re-routed by a microchip that in responds by sending a signal to a relay that throws the switch to power two halogen lamps that slow-cook the bacon in about 10 minutes.

wake-baconThis is more American than apple pie at a baseball game with the Beach Boys on.  This is why creative people are great.  Thank you creative people.


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