Whiskey Shortage.

This is not a joke.  In fact, if it is a joke it isn’t funny.  A newspaper in Kentucky is reporting that Knob Creek, a devastatingly strong kick to your happy zone, may not be available for inclusion in your mint juleps to ride out this Los Angeles summer.  Apparently, their warehouses have runneth dry and the new batch won’t be ready until November.

6a00d8341c630a53ef011571d4d165970b-250wiThis sucks and my readers know it.  We can’t blame Knob Creek or its purveyors.  The reality is whiskey takes 9 years to make and how did they know in 2000 we’d be heading for a terrible financial crisis that has led to increased consumption of booze, especially traditional favorites like whiskey.

Sure, there will be other whiskeys available, but for you Knob Creek enthusiasts, snatch up all the bottles you can.  It’s gonna be a long summer.



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3 responses to “Whiskey Shortage.

  1. fallback options: a)rittenhouse
    b)elmer t. lee
    c)matt kemp sauce

  2. gratefulness you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

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