Jon Weisman Midseason Report.

Loved this 100 words or less type piece.  Really concise and cool.

The Dodgers are good enough to win a World Series. But they might not. Fans and management are still insecure. Fair enough, but you cannot bulletproof a team. Fortunately, neither can anyone else. Compare your weaknesses objectively to others before despairing.

League-leading on-base percentage can carry the offense through crunch time, though not without dips or frustrations. Every team slumps — accept it. Look at the big picture.

Pitching? Improve if you can, but rationally. Toronto won’t trade Roy Halladay for only minor leaguers. Once you start cutting into the active roster, beware. With an 8 1/2-game playoff-spot cushion, the mix of in-house options is adequate for the regular season, then take the best for the postseason. And hope. In the end, there’s never any choice but to hope.

I set a goal, prepared myself, made an honest effort, pumped the word well where I thought I needed to, will still have doubters, might ultimately fail figuratively as I did literally, but bid that you are persuaded.

Check out the Dodger Thoughts post and blog HERE.



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2 responses to “Jon Weisman Midseason Report.

  1. mattregaw

    I don’t think the Dodgers have a shot at Halladay as the Phillies seemed focused on getting him. I do think the Dodgers will be alright without him because they are so deep and have plenty of great pitching already!

    Great site!


    • Zack

      Thanks Matt. I hope you are right. I will be watching Kershaw closely this second half. If he can extend his outings, I like how we will fare.

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