Lost Angeles Gets Some Love.

Thanks to Thomas at Kaliphornya for the love.  It is true, Lost Angeles has broken into the 100,000 range via the Alexa rankings.  To put it in perspective, currently this site’s Alexa ranking is 20,ooo spots higher than Budweiser.com, and Bud is the King of Beers (if Bud would sponsor my blog, I would refer to myself as the King of Blog).  In fact, I am going to write a review about how awesome Bud is in the near future.  Not just the beer, but everyone associated with the beer.  When you go to England, the kids there drink Bud.  It’s a classy import to them.  For me, it’s the King.  So much the King, that I will say it with a dirty Southern accent from now on.  “The Kang of Burrs”.

Picture 1

Now, there are some debates regarding how accurate an Alexa ranking is, and what traffic factors influence it.  I have heard it skews towards tech based blogs (which wouldn’t apply here unless whiskey is made by robots).  I also know it has to do with how your blog is found and from how many sources.  In the end, my traffic has doubled every month thanks to all of you out there and my ranking has dropped from the high 3 million range down to #192,940 (as of right now).  I still have a lot of work to do if I want to steal the number one spot from Google.

So thanks to everyone for making this a great six months.  I plan to kick it up eleven levels in the coming weeks and come October, this will be the spot for Dodger playoffs.  THE SPOT.



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