Alice in Wonderland Trailer.

I’ll say it again.  Burton will ruin this.  I just know it.  Cheshire Cat looks like he’s up to no good.  I like it.  Let’s skip this terrible movie and head right to the prequel biopic about the Cheshire Cat when he was a pimp in East Harlem.  Now you are talking.

To be sure, this film will be loved by the following stereotypes:  theatre people, Wizard of Oz enthusiasts, people who hate football, people who think Twilight was awesome, people who gave Burton a lifetime pass after Edward Scissorhands, French people, people who think Johnny Depp never takes roles in bad films (Willy Wonka, Once Upon a Time in Mexico).

Oh well, I’ll probably see it for the Cheshire Cat and to bitch to you all about it later.


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