The Blogger Prom is Tonight.

What is the blogger prom?  The blogger prom is an invite-only party at the Andaz Hyatt on Sunset (formerly the Riot House where Zeppelin caused trouble by launching televisions in the streets).  This party is for bloggers in Los Angeles invited by a selection committee.  It is 80s themed, which tells me one thing:  most of the bloggers are old enough to remember the 80s.  I wore Keds in the 80s and shit my pants a lot.  Actually, that sounds a lot cooler than I am now.

Picture 1

I am normally not one for this kind of soiree, namely one with a bunch of critical people dressed wildly and slowly getting inebriated enough for the gloves to come off, but tonight I am fairly stoked to meet some bloggers I follow, know of, correspond with, and so forth.  I learn about this city through the blogosphere.  I am pretty stoked that I have made the list for Lost Angeles and its extreme contributions to the United Effort of Telling Boston to Fuck Off.

@BlondeForBrains, my lovely date, is rocking in maybe the most 80s dress ever.  I have opted for a very coked out Chevy Chase confused and disoriented in the Hamptons look.  Pink dress shirt, blue pinstriped bowtie, revealing blue pinstriped bathing suit and @Ron_Darlington ‘s almost raquetballish glasses.  My biggest concern is how much American Apparel will offer me to model for them then be found face down on Sunset half dead.  Pay to play, bitches.  Chevy partied in the 80s.  Fletch, dude.  He might have worn this to a happening SoCal prom.  There’s my excuse.  I need to keep it real.

i got this look down.

i got this look down. lock down.

Very excited to hang with @FoodWoolf and @Tarametblog, who have been super nice since I entered the blog scene.  Also excited to chat up @CarolineonCrack and finally get her to link my blog after all these months.  At this point, it is a running joke.  We’ll figure it out over some whiskey.  Lots of LAist peeps, LA Weekly peeps and a few from spots like EaterLA and FishbowlLA.  It should be a trip.

If you are in the area tonight, let me know.  I’ll be out and about.  Tomorrow, I hope to tell you all about how I spiked the punch, got loose and threw a television off the roof, just like Robert Plant used to do.


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3 responses to “The Blogger Prom is Tonight.

  1. Where’s my mention? For real… 😉

    See you tonight, short shorts.

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  3. Zack

    Noelle, I didn’t know if you wanted to be associated with the riff raff I am at such a nice soiree, but if you are in, I am in.

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