Some LA Weekly Love.

Blogger Prom was awesome, kudos to the Prom Committee.  I hope the LA Blog Scene does more events like this because it was a ton of fun.  Also I saw Pauly Shore and this dude swimming in the awesome rooftop pool.  The Andaz has some amazing views.  You really realize how normally you are in the basin looking at the Hollywood Hills, this was in the hills looking out at the basin.  Reminded me of the good times I had when I worked for a certain producer who lived up in Sunset Plaza.  I should call that guy.  Unlike the other producer I used to work for, this one is alive still.

IMG_5777Anyway, here’s a snippet from LA Weekly’s awesome Blogger Prom Wrap Up.  You can snoop some cool photos and in one, my Chevy Chase is on display on the left.   For those of you just here for the news, here was the snippet.

Picture 1My only regret?  Jon from LA Snark didn’t come as he was sick.  This was a huge, huge bummer because when my man Jon is around, I don’t need to blog to make fun of Boston.  He’s right there.

Just playing, Jon.  Truce.


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