Blue Beer of Hokkaido.

ryu_imgbehold the blue beer
its color comes from seaweed
vomit becomes blue

That’s right.  I just got all Haiku on your ass as a tribute to Hokkaido, the northern most prefecture in Japan.  This beer Ohotsk Drift Beer is made from ice cold water taken from the mountains and combined with the pigment of seaweed to give you a beer that looks like Gatorade Frost.  This is why I love Japan.  They invented fucking Nintendo, but it didn’t stop there.  They also invented Super Nintendo.  And the Wii.  We’ll let them off the hook for GameCube.  Frankly, this beer might be a peace offering.


How do you get it?  I don’t know.  I would make a Japanese friend because 98% of the websites regarding this beer seem to be in Russian or Japanese, and I don’t read either language very well.  I do know the ancient art of Akido though, so if you come running at me, you had better be prepared to fly in the other direction all twisted up like a pretzel.


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