Hawaii Coach Apologizes.

Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin made a big PR no-no the other day in Salt Lake City during the WAC Media Day festivities.  Without wasting time or mincing words, McMackin took a shot at Notre Dame, who dismantled the Warriors last year.  In referring to the “dance” the Notre Dame team did before taking the field, McMackin thrice referred to them with a derogatory slur for homosexuals, the “F” word if you will.

mr. sensitivity

mr. sensitivity

This blew up on McMackin, whose last name sounds like a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich aimed at the urban demographic.  Try the new Egg McMackin.  Holla.


Without getting into the details or my own opinions of making huge PR mistakes that offend people in public forums, I just wanted to point out from a bird’s eye view what happened.  This country is so silly.

A coach from a team formerly called the “Rainbow Warriors” chose a city known for a large Mormon population to make fun of a Catholic school’s football team for doing a pre-game dance he deemed to appear homosexual.

Man, oh man.


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