Chug a Gallon of Milk in 60 Minutes.

My friends at Whiskey Militia, who I dig for so many reasons, sent me the following mass email this morning.  It blew my mind.  I am pretty sure the point of it is to recruit new employees that possess the ability to chug a gallon of milk in 60 minutes.



First off, the art is hilarious.  I appreciate these guys the way I hope you guys appreciate me.  They are from Salt Lake City and they named their company Whiskey Militia.  Beautiful.  That and the fact they give your ridiculous deals all the time.  And no, they don’t sponsor me.  I am just a fanatic.  Although if they do decide to sponsor me, I would jump at the chance.  Yes, Whiskey Militia, I am kissing your exalted asses.

Picture 5Then I read this disclaimer.  Hilarious, but I wonder if that will hold up in court.  I started thinking about all the challenges I have done in this category.  Many were during fraternity life and will remain unwritten about.  I recall at one point in my life chugging some milk and running.  That experience got me off milk for over a year.  Not even on cereal.

Can it be done?  Yes it can.  World champion eater Joey Chestnut proves it here:

If you are curious about how normal humans fare, just search “drinking a gallon of milk” via YouTube.  It features more puking than the girls bathroom at a fashion show.  It’s hilarious and disturbing at the same time.  The videos you find represent the best and worst memories of your childhood at the exact same time.

So, I got to thinking about what this says about Whiskey Militia.  I mean, what kind of company recruits this way?  My answer:  a company that knows what it wants.  For me, this shows that WM is all about a work environment where everyone hangs out.  Where you get made fun of constantly in the way only your real friends do.  It tells me they are a little hardcore, the kind of guys you expect to work with between hitting the slopes to ride.  This is a bunch of wild men in Utah fighting the good, strange fight.  Kind of how I feel in this city (and you, the loyal Lost Angelinos).

So kudos to you, Whiskey Militia.  You are doing things the right way.  The gonzo way.  Hunter S. Thompson would be so proud.


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