Jack Daniel’s Quest Continues.

jack_danielsNot long ago I had started out on a quest to become sponsored by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, a product I not only endorse, but also bathe in.  Well, not literally.  I just believe it is a classy beverage for a classy man.

Well, good things come to those who blog about good things.  They have written me back.  Here is their response.

Hello Zack, Thanks for writing. I’m sorry it has taken so long to respond.

We appreciate your interest in Jack Daniel’s, and we’re glad to hear you’re a whiskey enthusiast. I will forward your message to the appropriate person, and if there is interest, someone will contact you.

Again, thanks for writing.

Jack Daniel Distillery

Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.

Celebrate good times come on.  I know it is just a polite response, but the truth is, it is a response.  It is the beginning of my quest in earnest.  To be sponsored by Jack Daniel’s in my mind is validation for all that has come before I just typed that last sentence right there.  I would like to be to the blogosphere what JD is to the beverage industry.

I promised that if I was sponsored, I would throw a big party somewhere in Lost Angeles for us to drink whiskey and celebrate.  The battle is far, far from won though, friends and enemies-who-read-my-blog-out-of-morbid-curiosity (btw, my life is awesome, I hope this sucks for you, I have a toilet made of gold).  No, we have a lot of work to do.

Please share the following links on Facebook and Twitter (and myspace you caveman).  Be the change you want in the world.  Help me help you.  Literally.  If we succeed, I will throw a whiskey drinking bash our forefathers would be proud of.  There will be leather chairs and cigars and attractive girls that understand baseball.  There will be bartenders that move quickly because the only question will be “rocks or up”.  That’s the world I want to live in.  Here are the links to help.






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