We Should Hang this Weekend.


We’ve been working hard and it is August.  There is precious little summer left.  My point is that we need to make it count.  It will be whiskey weather again soon enough, but for now we are in Cuba Libre and Mojito season (as long as you don’t get too douchy about the mojito thing).

That’s why I want to personally invite you all out on Saturday to hear some live music and maybe throw a few back with me and some total rapscallions that can not be trusted at all.

Saturday at noon at the Standard in Hollywood, Bougie Woodstock is going on.  Some awesome bands like Saint Motel and New Kingdom will be playing with us in Fight From Above.  It’ll be a really fun day with some new tunes and also some Woodstock covers.  I plan on wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses to the show, which will be a first for me in some 13 years of playing music.


If you are planning on being too hungover for Cuba Libres and GFI-style (Girl From Ipanema) chilling, then you can come to Molly Malone’s on Fairfax at night, say around 10:30 to pre-party.  We’ll be busting a set there as well.  It will be a typical night of car bombs and wild-eyed accusations followed by intense discussions of where to eat late night be it the nearby Benito’s or even making an ass of myself at Canter’s and trying not to puke while viewing the maple syrup ceiling there.

Basically, a lot of you read this blog and send comments.  If you are in town, come out to one or both and let’s have a scotch and soda together.

All the best and a great weekend whatever you may do.



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