The Whiskey Drinker’s Guide to Lost Angeles.

FOS-Tzatziki-2005You know me, I can never sit still.  If you aren’t living, you are dying.  I just finished a big writing project and now have a little time to get down to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I want to write a book.  I’ve written almost 500 blog entries since January, talked with a thousand really cool people, but never really thought to make this thing linear in anyway.  Fuck that noise, Lost Angeles.  I’m giving you something to read on the toilet.

So what will the book be about?  The project title is The Whiskey Drinker’s Guide to Lost Angeles, but that could change like the weather does in other cities that have, well, weather.  The title might suggest I am teaching you something about whiskey, which I am not going to.  I am not going to teach you about food.  I am not going to teach you about film or art or anything really.  I will teach you why whiskey is awesome and intimidating to vodka drinkers.  I will teach you how to make a food blogger cry.  Well, bad food bloggers at least.  I’ll teach you how to duck out of horrible plans and how to capitalize on the predictable mistakes of your friends, co-workers and enemies.  Maybe I’ll even teach you how to make a London Sour.

2008_04_subwayWe’re going to talk about the subway and why you should find time to get naked with the Red Line.  We’ll talk about San Diego and when it is okay to go there.  We can talk about Alexander Mid-Century homes in Palm Springs and why it is a great place to fall asleep with a Cuba Libre.  We can talk about speakeasys and cigar stores.  We’ll talk about what made LA the best in the 1950’s and 1960’s and how to get a taste of it now.

33153363We’ll discuss how to roll to Pasadena dressed like Benjamin Braddock and some great places to take a girl on a date that she has never been to before.  I will explain to you why you should never, ever drink a Red Bull vodka unless you want to destroy the fabric of society.  We are definitely talking about places to eat late at night depending on your inebriation level and neighborhood proximity.  We’re going to put Silverlake in check.

tunnel_in_movieYou get to a certain point and you realize that you know your city.  Well, at least you know your certain wedge of it and it’s been working for you.  I had no idea so many cool people would drop by this blog and share their opinions and thoughts with me.  I used to think I was having a unique experience in this city, haunting the empty streets of downtown before the electric circus showed up.  It’s not true.  There’s a lot of us out there.  We all deserve a book to read and leave in bathrooms and on bar stools.

palmspringsAce004We’re going to impose our will on the city and take it back for the boys with whiskey and the girls who dig beer and baseball at the Ravine.  I’m getting to work and I think I’ve got a business partner on this.  We’re self-publishing because the only opinion that matters is yours.

When will I drop this book?  Summer 2010 is my hope.  Maybe sooner, maybe later.  I am sure you will hear about it here on the blog, which will keep going strong.  And oh yeah, I am going to figure out who to donate some proceeds to.  Right now I am leaning towards building inner city baseball fields to improve moral in historically difficult neighborhoods and continuing to make the American dream available for everyone.  But there are other great causes.  We will see.

Thanks for everything so far.  I won’t let you down.




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3 responses to “The Whiskey Drinker’s Guide to Lost Angeles.

  1. i support this clause – i support the right to booze!~

  2. I don’t know if I’ll read it on the toilet, but I do look forward to this.

    • Zack

      i guess you can read it anywhere, i just always associate myself as toilet literature. i’m glad you are excited. we’re already a few chapters in and it is already a hot mess. i am looking forward to setting a release date 🙂

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