I’m Taking Suggestions for the Book.

So the book is underway.  I almost cannot stop writing.  I want to get it out there into the universe.  The Bank and I are curating a lot of information and figuring out what’s going to happen when it’s done.  Where it will be available to those who hear about it later (all the regulars here on Lost  Angeles Blog will have first crack at it).  I am thinking a big whiskey celebration for the release.  Somewhere with a rooftop and premium well drinks and no attitudes.  We’ll enjoy it together.

it won't look like this.  but it will feel like this.

it won't look like this. but it will feel like this.

Anyway, I wanted to solicit your opinions.  We’re shooting for 30 short chapters.  I see no point in a 300 page book.  We have trouble sitting through 8 minute YouTube clips unless it is people falling off shit and getting injured or pornography.  I figure a book weighing in with 30 concise snackable chapters and some 120-150 pages is perfect.  And a really good index and glossary of terms, because if you don’t spend a lot of time here,  I may not make sense.

So here is my question to you, the people that are always around here…  Any ideas you think I should cover?  You know me by now.  If you don’t, read back and get to know me.  I am taking the best suggestions and I am putting them in action.  And guess what?  You’ll get credit.  If I use your idea, it will make it into the print that you were to blame.

That said, throw me some chapter ideas.  Here are a few that currently exist or are on their way to existing:

  • Red Bull and Vodka Ruined Society
  • Tiki Gangsters of the 1960s
  • How to Watch People Having Sex at the Standard Downtown
  • Don’t $#*@ With the Red Line
  • No One Likes to Fight in Silverlake
  • Cedd Moses Gets It

Anyway, you get the idea.  It could be anything.  If you think you have a non-bougie experience or tradition I should know about before writing the definitive book for our city and our extend circle of friends (remember, if you read this, we’re friends), then LET ME KNOW.

Hit me up in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, whatever.  Just don’t complain when the book comes out and it’s missing something YOU didn’t tell me about.  I may sound like a know it all, but I’m a great listener.

And I’m listening 🙂



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4 responses to “I’m Taking Suggestions for the Book.

  1. At first I was going to give you props for using Shulman’s photo of Koenig’s Case Study #22, but now I’m having second thoughts since you are titling a chapter of your book ‘Tiki Gangsters of the 1960s’

    Do you realize how close Tiki culture is to Mid-Century Modernlovers and both the home and photo you use to achieve a ‘feeling’ about your book…

    You know us rum drinkers are people too… and some of us actually like whiskey too.

  2. A.

    \\Chapter suggestion//

    Truck you, New York…

    It angers me whenever I overhear a visiting New Yorker comment on the “pitiful” LA food scene; it seems that our restaurants aren’t good enough for the east coasters out to escape dreary February winters. As a lifelong Los Angeles resident, I always believed that our fair city was a world class culinary playground. Why not? What with 18 million people from all over the globe, melting together under our Mediterranean Sun into a pot of international “gooeyness,” surely we are deserving of some respect from our neighbors back east!!!! And in my efforts to disprove the naysayers, I ventured into our streets to find that special Angelino…something.

    I found that (as you so often have demonstrated in your blog) once you get past the glitz and glamor of the Mario Batalis, Todd Englishs, and Wolfgang Pucks of our douchebaggy (sp?) fine dining scene, what really defines the food in LA are the places off the beaten path. This may seem obvious to such a savvy connoisseur of LA lifestyle such as you and your readers, but, I think most people don’t take the time out of their day to enjoy the “back-to-basics, hole-in-the-wall” eateries our city so generously offers.

    Let me put it this way: any jerk can pick up an LA Magazine and read about the next Urasawa, pony up an outrageous bill, and brag to his friends/co-workers about how he spent $300 on some spicy tuna. It takes a real Angelino to go out into the streets and find the places that are serving up fantastic local fare for a recession-friendly price. These places are the haunting grounds of the true Lost Angeles-ites.

    Just to be clear, I am in no way a food critic, food blogger, or expert on anything. Nor do I think I am qualified to comment of the places that should be included. I do think, however, that this chapter (if you even think this is a good idea) should open a dialogue between you and your readers: have them send in suggestions about great grub finds. In essence, make this a chapter of Angelinos, for Angelinos, and by Angelinos. Hopefully it will demonstrate that this city is all about making connections.

    I realize that this is a rambling reply to your blog entry, but let me add just one last thing. In bringing this rant around full circle, I think this chapter could focus on the street food phenomenon that has taken LA by storm, including the food trucks, as a foil to New York’s incessant ramblings about Gray’s Papaya and pizza. Where else, other than right here in the valleys and foothills of our quiet Hacienda, can you find Mexican-Korean fusion? These people and these foods make our city great!

    Thank you for your patience…


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