In Defense of the Whiskey Book.

I received a very poignant comment from The Girl Blogger regarding the WDGTLA book that we’re in the process of.  I really admire her point and the point of her blog, but I am here to quiet all fears.  Here’s her comment:

At first I was going to give you props for using Shulman’s photo of Koenig’s Case Study #22, but now I’m having second thoughts since you are titling a chapter of your book ‘Tiki Gangsters of the 1960s’

Do you realize how close Tiki culture is to Mid-Century Modernlovers and both the home and photo you use to achieve a ‘feeling’ about your book…

You know us rum drinkers are people too… and some of us actually like whiskey too.

I do know how close those two universes are, and I respect them both greatly.  When the book comes out, the chapter that is currently titled “Tiki Gangsters of the 1960s” is a tribute to rum, Vic Bergeron, Ernest Gantt and all the people and flavors that made that time so epic.  While whiskey is my first love, the chapter explains the virtues of rum punches of all kinds, including the Singapore Sling so beloved by my hero Hunter S. Thompson.

In my mind, a Whiskey Drinker doesn’t define someone who only drinks whiskey.  In my thesis of a whiskey drinker, that person may not even like whiskey (they should though!).  A whiskey drinker just likes things with substance and meaning and style.  They don’t order PBR at bars to be trendy or work hard to cover the taste of booze.  My chapter is all about Tiki Ti (where I frequent) and the virtues of the London Sour, where your world and mine collide beautifully.

Anyway, thank you so much for your comment.  You in my mind are a whiskey drinker, even if you prefer rum.

All the best,




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9 responses to “In Defense of the Whiskey Book.

  1. But let’s not forget the Singapore Sling really does not have rum. 😉

    • Zack

      traditionally no, but i have certainly seen it with a light rum instead of the gin. regardless, you are a-ok in my book corazon.

  2. I am a bit of a cocktail traditionalist, especially when it comes to gin. You don’t want me around when the martini liquor is vodka by default.

    But to keep in the spirit of your project, I am a big fan of Talisker and if my senses allow, Laphroaig. Speaking of, the Green ESM at Copa d’ Oro in SM is heaven.

  3. Well thanks for quieting my fears Zach. I will buy your new book and we’ll celebrate it’s release at Tiki Ti!

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  5. The battle over the book has pulled in a curious observer… the book sounds awesome, I will be eager to read it too. Thanks to Adri for getting this on my radar!

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