My Formal Complaint to Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

Recently, I bought some beef jerky, specifically Jack Link’s Peppered Beef Jerky.  I was in the mood for dried out dead animal and that was what I bought.  This is my formal letter of complaint to the company:

Picture 2

Dear Mr. Jack Link:

When I first saw your commercials for “Messin’ with Sasquatch”, I laughed because I found them to be funny.  I am easily swayed by the media and you immediately became my jerky provider of choice.  I cannot tell you how many times I purchased your jerky as an “impulse buy” when it was placed near the check out counter at my local supermarket.  Sometimes, my incredible excitement for the taste of your beef jerky was such that I opened the bag in the car, unable to wait an entire car ride home to snack on your cowboy-like treats.  Like I said, I really loved the “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign.  That was until I realized I was the Sasquatch being messed with.  I am the Sasquatch.  Koo Koo Ka Choo.

The other day I had bought some of your Jack Link’s Peppered Jerky at a grocer nearby to my office in Playa Del Rey, California.  I have purchased your product there before and have had nothing but beautiful jerky experiences.  That was until the other day.  I was so excited to eat the jerky that I immediately had a piece upon sitting down at my desk.  Being that I am very smart, I was easily able to multi-task checking email and chewing on what I hoped to be an excellent piece of beef jerky.  Only it wasn’t excellent.  It was the opposite of excellent.  If excellent was the North Pole, this piece of beef jerky was the South Pole.

Picture 3

It was acrid, almost tasting of sour lemons and shame.  I thought perhaps the reason was that I had been chewing gum on my walk back to the office (remember, I am a good multi-tasker).  I tried another piece and this one was even worse.  It honestly tasted like I had fallen asleep with my mouth open in the men’s room of a locker fitness club.  At this point, I felt the need to inspect the date on the bag to ensure this was fresh jerky.  The date read September 7, 2010.  That meant there was still a year’s worth of mileage left on these strips of beef.

And that is where the problem was.

Through some act of fungal sabotage, several prominent pieces of my new peppered jerky collection were covered in a mossy green-grey mold.  I made sure to Google whether or not eating moldy jerky would kill me and it seemed like that would be a stretch.  Naturally, you understand my fear.  As a man of 26 years of age, I hope to have many fine days ahead of me.  I plan to get married, have children and coach Little League.  What a shame for all of that to become impossible for eating a piece (or two) of rancid beef jerky.  What if I was deprived of my silver years and the ability to wear Polo shirts tucked into sweatpants in public and pay discounted rates for things like movies and dinners before 4 pm?  There is even a chance my unborn child will cure a world-threatening disease and if I had gone down with the jerky, the world might be doomed.

Picture 4

I have included photos of the tainted jerky taken by my friend Matt.  He is an avid food blogger and the proprietor of  In my mind, this made him an expert on knowing if something is mold or a hallucination.  He agrees, this was some moldy jerky.  I have advised him not to blog about this mishap because we both like jerky, and especially yours, when it is not covered in more fungus than the floor of a forrest.

What can be done?  I don’t know.  I still have the bag, but not my receipt.  Of course, you probably know I purchased this because who would steal a bag of moldy jerky?  Please Mr. Link, restore my faith in the glory of your product.  I believe in America and the pursuit of jerky.  I am certain I experienced a near-death experience at the hands of your jerky.  If I had eaten your Carne Seca flavored jerky, the amazing spices involved may have masked the flavor, and then you’d be dealing with a lot more than a polite email.  You’d be dealing with my ghost and forced to create a new product:  Jack Link’s Haunted Beef Bits.  By the way, I copywrited that name so if I end up dying of jerky-related purposes, my family can cash in on your new product.

Please let me know if there is anything you can do and further, I volunteer my time and persona to the cause of safe jerky regulation should you need to conscript me.

All the best and keep up the good jerk!  (pun)





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52 responses to “My Formal Complaint to Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

    • Zorro

      Yes I have also had this same problem.

      Yet Even Vandenberg AFB with an Exceptionally fast clearance of Beef Jerky is seeing this in the Class 6 and Gas Station.

  1. Zack

    only you know what a bronson is. but im fine to look like it.

  2. seriously, dude? it’s six dollars.

    • Zack

      you can’t put a price on writing a long ridiculous letter to a big corporation and forcing some poor guy who’s job it is to read those letters to answer me seriously because after all, the customer is always right.

  3. The jerky store called… they’re running out of you. No seriously, that was some funky jerky.

  4. Nancy


    I am here to restore your faith in Jack Link’s Jerky!

    Please email with your contact information.



    • Zack

      Nancy, consider yourself emailed.

    • Carl Thompson

      My wife is in the E.R. right now because the package of Jack Links we purchased was moldy. The issue here is that my wife is fatally allergic to penicillin. I’m actively pursueing the matter as this should not have happened to wife in the first place.

    • sarah

      my son just ate jack link’s premium cuts original beef snacks 10 individual snacks gote to the bottom of the beef stick about 3 inches was molded white and stunk sooooooo bad not impressed if he gets sick there will be a problem 🙂 he was watching a movie not paying attention! no real reason to have to pay attention i thought!! he is 11 watching a family movie very disgusting and we did love ur brand. i really hope he dont get sick :/

    • sarah

      can u please notify me also my 11 year old son just ate very moldy beef sticks i am not a very happy camper:/ he better not get sick!

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  6. Ellen

    The effect this post had on me was a craving for beef jerky. I bought Jack Links, it was all they had. It was not moldy and was, in fact, delicious. My apologies to you for giving them my money, but it was kind of your fault.

  7. i purchased some beef jerky and became ill and i was in the hospital for six days, jacked up with hydromorphone for pain, and many bags of antibiotitics and my jerky tasted good. i am going to have my product tested to find out if it was what gotten me ill and than i am going to seek compension. food posioning illness is not a laughing matter. when all body fluids come out of every opening at the same time. running a fever, nasuea, vomiting,cramps, and generally want to clean a gun.

    • Joe Doe

      I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a claim that Jack Links may have caused a food poisoning type of illness. I recently purchased a 3oz bag, ate the whole thing, and started having cramping the next day. 2 days later I was in the emergency room with uncontrollable food poisoning type of symptoms. I am awaiting final lab results for an official diagnosis. 5 days later my appetite is slowly coming back. I have typically enjoyed Jack Links without issue. I am not at this time blaming the Jack Links, but feel it is one of only 3 or 4 possibilities.

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  9. Ronald Montgomery Higginsworth

    I purchased a huge 1 pounder of peppered jack links beef jerky from sams club the other day. It was the most fresh thing i have ever tasted. The meat and spice smell stunk up the whole car with a fresh aroma. The freshness lasted about 2 weeks until it was pretty dried out. So far, Jack Links has been amazing to me. I want more and more, but its so damn expensive….

  10. Bill

    That really sucks. I was in line at the gas station and I glanced over at the Jerky rack. The new mint green colored jerky caught my eye. You think that little spot was bad?! This whole bag was full of it. Looked like Rhizopus, the same thing you see growing on strawberries and other produce.

  11. Vic

    I operate and go through truckloads of Jack Link’s jerky. As we fulfill orders, we infrequently come across moldy packages. Packaging anomalies on the production line, where the bag doesn’t get sealed 100%, will cause the jerky to mold in just a few days. The jerky quality itself is not to blame. Most any store will get merchandise credit from JL so you shouldn’t have had any problem exchanging it.

  12. Jeremy

    Your first problem was thinking that Jack Links is actually beef jerky. It isn’t. If it’s not just about as tough as leather, it’s not beef jerky. It’s just meat strips for little boys.

  13. more mold

    I just bought a package of Jack Link’s Peppered Jerky and mine was covered in mold too– white fluffy mold. I have left a message at the company’s Customer Service hotline.

    No matter one’s feelings about the brand or the price of the product, no company can be allowed to sell moldy food. It’s disgusting and unsafe. If a known manufacturing defect causes faulty seals and the product, in turn, to develop mold, then Jack Link’s needs to solve the manufacturing problem. Though many molds may be harmless to many people, it seems like an unreasonable gamble for Jack Link’s to assume that a relatively safe type of mold will infect an improperly sealed bag. It is even more unreasonable to assume that the infected jerky won’t be sold to a person with mold allergies. It is no solution to write off as tainted a certain amount of sold product and take chances with people’s health.

  14. mr muggs

    Opps i just ate Jack link’s green jalapeno moldy beef jerky. Wish me luck

  15. JerkyLover

    Jack links is no where as good as “Damn Good Jerky”.. I do not work for them but am a big fan of their products. Their jerky is fresh and is consistent. My favorite is their Hawaiian Teriyaki.

  16. andrew st.clair

    i just bought a pack of jack links and opened it up made it to the second piece when i noticed the funny texture. i looked down and it was covered in a thick white and green mold. i poured the bag out to check and a quarter of the bag had it. it obviously has gotten pretty bad in this bag but this is seeming like such a common problem with this brand and how potent is this mold? is it possible that the mold is in a lot more of the bags but hasnt cultured along far enough to see? would this mold be enough to make a person sick or cause illness before there was enough to become visible? in anycase i dont think i can take a chance on that and the fact that with one google search turned up dozens of cases of this all naming the same brand shows their disregard for peoples well being because even though this is happened they clearly have done nothing to solve the known problem because it is cheaper and easier buy someone off with an appology letter and a voucher for a new pack then it is to get to the bottom of the issue. jack my friend, you have lost a customer today.

  17. osman

    my mouth was watering only for the word beef jerky, then my friend sent me some jack links beef sticks and hot spicy jerky and normal flavored. i was so excited while i open the fancy package. manits the MOST DISGUSTING THING I EVER ATE. man that was the biggest dissapointment. i felt so sorry for the cattle of how it was ruined. that smelled like puke and tasted like shit. how can that be i was surprised i tried to eat it i could not believe the taste. and tha date was ok too..

    i am scared to try some other brands. i hope thats not all beef jerky tastes like.

    by the way my local food is called PASTIRMA check it out man.. thats how dried meat should taste like.

  18. ned christie

    It is so easy to make your own & way better,healthy,no MSG &&& way cheaper.I have mastered the jerk.

  19. Anonymous

    Protip: Next time, check the bag first. Meat products spoil.

  20. Anonymous

    You look like a douchebag.

  21. I had a good laugh reading this! Pretty good!

  22. Zach

    My name is also Zach, and I also got a moldy batch of jack links jerky. if you ask me, there is a large conspiracy in the works.

  23. Jerk

    Your efforts to sound smart where thwarted by your inability to correctly write such a trivial term as COPYRIGHT.
    “copywrite”… wtf, seriously dude, read a book or two.

  24. Justin

    I just bought some jack links and mine had some white mold on it, whats thr best course of action for this.

    • Zack Jerome

      throw it out?

      • hemingway

        i just looked up moldy jake links jerky and this poped up. im sorry but this guy is not the only one to go though this it just happend to me almost to the tee. i on the other hand had a bite of a small chuck and pulled out a big chuck with white mold all over it. its not a very nice site to start throwing up in your office in from of your co workers. so i called the number on the back and they took my address and name, then said thanks you and hung up. it was like they diddnt care about i could get sick just where i got the jerky … i will never buy this brand again.

  25. lisa mccullough

    i enjoy your jack links products very much until today. i went and purchased a jumbo original beef steak as i always do, But when i split it apart there was mold in the middle!! The package date said feb 16 2013. needless to say i didnt eat it and was very disapointed cause i love your products and dnt want to change my brand ever but if this is gonna be a trend i might have too.

  26. Jason LaFountain

    I just bought a teriyaki beef steak from a 711 and half of one piece was several shades darker and very green. This was not mold on top, some parts were green all the way through; it was dated for 2013. Personally, I’m never buying processed meats like this again. Several months ago I bought some Wild Bills that had white mold all over it, and was “good” for the next year. I wish an official agency would look into this, it seems it’s becoming a problem.

  27. all i know is that you are super hot and very cute, and i want to kiss you.
    (according to your one picture, that is)

  28. Terry

    Looks like Zach got the middle finger from jacks on this one….no word of compensation

  29. jean

    Has nobody noticed the most obvious? “PACKAGED IN THE USA” That’s fine and dandy but, if my memory serves correct I do remember Chinese writing on the packages long ago. We shouldn’t be buying food from other countries. That’s just my opinion. And Bridgette, don’t be such a horn dog.
    Here is an article that should make you think about that yummy beef —->

    • I came here BECAUSE I saw that “Packaged in the USA” and thought heck, they must be getting the beef from some other country and just packaging it here so they can sound like they’re a USA/local company. It is definitely a red flag. Where is the beef raised?

  30. I just couldn’t go away your web site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard info an individual provide in your visitors? Is going to be back regularly in order to check up on new posts

  31. joy

    I just opened a package of original flavored jerky from Jack Links and the jerky was covered in white mold. I thought it was part of the curing process and so I have eaten several pieces just now. Then I goggled eating moldy beef jerky and found this website. I hope I don’t get sick. I love this company’s jerky. I’ve never had problems with the quality and I’ve been eating this for years. The date this package expires is March 2013. I wonder if they are aware of this problem we are all having.

  32. Liz

    Hi Zack,

    Me and hubby enjoyed reading your post! that was hilarious, well written and we were laughing the whole time. Jack Link’s came from meat outside USA because the packaging says “packaged in the USA” and that being said, Im not surprised why the meat had molds even if it hasn’t reached its expiration date.

  33. I bought a JL beef stick and there is some white shit on it that looks like mold! Where is the quality control and why can’t we all stand together and file a class action lawsuit and get some f*cking compensation like we deserve?!

    • L.W. TRIKE


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