The Beef Jerky War Begins.

When I was young, I had no idea I would be thrust into the center of a brooding conflict sure to shake this country to it’s core.  I think we are seeing the beginnings of a beef jerky war the likes of which hath never been seen.  Upon my complaining of the moldy Jack Link’s Peppered Jerky I purchase, a nice woman from House of Jerky contacted me via Twitter (@lost_angeles) and told me she would restore my faith in the product.  She has sent product for me to try and perhaps make me a convert.

Then this morning, Nancy from Jack Link’s brand contacted me asking for my information.  They want me to re-establish my patronage and I am receptive to it, I just need to know why I should pledge allegiance to their flag of the United States of Beef Jerkia.

Anyway, we’ll see.  Maybe the Pemmican and Pacific Gold people have something to say.  Here’s a picture of a handbag made of beef jerky.



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