My Rum Punch Prevails.

So a little while back I submitted my Capt. Parker’s Punch recipe to Matt @ RumDood for a contest he was throwing along with Mount Gay Rum.  The challenge was to invent a rum punch recipe for the Rum Dood himself to enjoy on Labor Day.  The winner would get three choice bottles of Mount Gay Rum and a bottle of the Dood’s own #2 falernum, which is a mysterious syrup to be added to tropical drinks.

Picture 1

It was intimidating to say the least.  RumDood knows his rum as you would expect, and you wouldn’t want to give him something awkward that he’d hate, especially when you have a book about the Whiskey Life coming out.  You want to bring it strong.  My idea was to blend my world with his and pay homage to another excellent Tiki drink, the London Sour, which is made with scotch.

I just found out that I won!  Parker’s Punch now exists in the world lexicon of mixology.  It was a very proud day.  I am excited to have impressed a rum aficionado and also to have earned some good rum and falernum to mess around with and enjoy.  I figure I’ll mix up a batch of CPP and we can all try it out.

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3 responses to “My Rum Punch Prevails.

  1. I expect to be one of the taste testers

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