Trying to Get Parker’s Punch on the Tiki-Ti Menu.


Here is my letter to the webmaster at Tiki-Ti.  This is one part of my LA Triforce.  The other parts are having a Sandwich at Canter’s named after me (will sell out for Langer’s, Art’s or anyone else) and having a column in Los Angeles magazine.  Feel free to email to tell him you want to see the Parker’s Punch on the menu!


My name is Zack Jerome and I have been coming to Tiki-Ti for a few years now.  I am the writer and owner of and also a special contributor to  Additionally, I play some really bitching guitar for the band Fight From Above.  Mike Sr. knows about us.  We gave him our CD one night after a few too many Space Pilots and we were going to take some band photos in the Ti.

Here is why I am writing.  Recently, I have won a competition on where I created a new rum punch drink called the Parker’s Punch.  Parker is my nickname and this drink was essentially a hybrid of a rum punch and a London Sour.  After winning the competition, I had the idea of maybe having the Mikes and Mark try the drink out.  Far be it from me to suggest it become a part of the best Tiki drink menu on earth, but in the least, I’d love to know what they think.  I have long dreamt of having my name on the wall at your fine establishment.  If the Parker’s Punch (aka the Rum Parker, aka the Lost Angeles) does not make the menu, perhaps this will finally put me over the top.  After all, where else would I have formed the culinary perspective from which to create my libation?

Regardless, you will have my business for years to come.




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4 responses to “Trying to Get Parker’s Punch on the Tiki-Ti Menu.

  1. Good luck man. I’d be really interested to see what they say.

  2. I would definitely make that a regular on my tab when I go to the Tiki-Ti… good luck!

  3. That would be epic. I need to go back to that place.

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