My First Attempt to Alert Nike of the UCLA\USC Clothing Mistake.

DSCN6226So in light of World War III (which has broken out on my blog between Trojans and Bruins), I decided to hit Nike up via their customer service chat room.  Below are my conversations.  I have changed the names of the Nike employees to protect their innocence.   I am not trying to cause Nike any harm.  I have always loved the brand.  I just want some answers and an apology to both Bruins and Trojans for our cross contamination.   Enjoy.

*names have been changed for anonymity

Jessie: Hi, my name is Jessie. How may I help you?
Jessie: Hi Zach.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I needed to speak with you regarding a USC branded product you are currently selling on your website
Zack of Lost Angeles: and would like some clarification
Jessie: I would be happy to assist you with that.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Are you familiar with the USC clothing options currently for sale?
Jessie: Yes.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I am a blogger in Los Angeles and a USC alum, and it was brought to my attention that you are currently selling USC clothing in “blue and gold”.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Is that intentional?
Jessie: There is a jacket and truckers hat that come in these colors but as do all the other teams we offer.
Zack of Lost Angeles: So it was a conscious decision by Nike designers to create USC clothing styled in UCLA’s colors?
Zack of Lost Angeles: I posted the pictures of the three items for sale on my blog here:
Jessie: It has nothing to do with that rivalry like I said every schools jacket in this style and all of the truckers hat have the same colors.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I’ve received over 15,000 views in 3 days
Jessie: I will definitely submit your feedback on these items.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I am well aware of the fact that it is stylish to change colors for teams. I once had a really slick red Dodgers hat I used to wear to middle school.
Zack of Lost Angeles: It just seems odd to have UCLA colors for a USC shirt
Zack of Lost Angeles: even if it is just a line of blue and gold colored gear
Jessie: Thank you for your feedback.
Jessie: Is there anything else I can assist you with today Zach?
Zack of Lost Angeles: It’s Zack.
Zack of Lost Angeles: <—–
Zack of Lost Angeles: :O
Jessie: I’m sorry.
Zack of Lost Angeles: it’s okay, i was just having some fun
Jessie: I apologize. Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Zack of Lost Angeles: Can you burn all of the blue and gold clothing for the sake of your Trojan faithful? I need something to say to the thousands of people swarming onto my website.
Jessie: LOL unfortunately I cannot do that.
Jessie: Have a great day Zack.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Where are you located?
Zack of Lost Angeles: Your call center I mean.
Jessie: Do you have any other questions regarding Nike products?
Zack of Lost Angeles: Where is the design center where these clothes were comped? Oregon?
Zack of Lost Angeles: I ask because I am convinced these clothes were a plot to pit USC and UCLA into total warfare therefore allowing Oregon to win the Pac-10.
Jessie: Our design center is in our headquarters in Oregon.
Zack of Lost Angeles: So this is possibly a sick joke the Ducks are playing on us both.
Jessie: No nothing like that.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Thank you for your time. Admit it, this is better than talking to people who are complaining about buying clothes that don’t fit.
Jessie: Your welcome.
Jessie: Have a good day.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Should I follow up again? Also, would Nike sponsor a joint UCLA/USC party to bonfire these clothing items.
Zack of Lost Angeles: People are pretty up in arms here as you can see from my blog.
Jessie: Have a good day Zack. Thank you for your feedback.
Jessie has disconnected.

I then moved on to talking with “Bob”.  It’d didn’t go any better.

Bob: Hi, my name is Bob. How may I help you?
Zack of Lost Angeles: I wrote earlier to ask some hard-hitting questions regarding the new USC gear you are selling in UCLA’s colors.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Someone there told me they’d forward my comments on.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Just curious what the odds of that happening really were?
Bob: I will be more than happy to assist you.
Bob: They probably submit feedback in there corporate report.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Do you mind if I ask you where you went to college?
Bob: Have a good day Zack.
Bob has disconnected.

That didn’t go so well.  So I went with a last ditch effort.  Apparently, they may have sent an email out trying to make sure no one dealt with me anymore.

Mark: Hi, my name is Mark. How may I help you?
Zack of Lost Angeles: What’s up Mark?
Zack of Lost Angeles: Here’s my question.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I saw you are selling USC gear in blue and gold. Those are UCLA’s colors. There are thousands of people flooding my blog and asking what is up with that. Do you have any idea?
Mark: I don’t sorry
Mark has disconnected.

Good thing I am really, really clever.  I posed as a famous reporter.

Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. How may I help you?
Tom Brokaw: Hi Sarah.
Tom Brokaw: I was curious to know why the site is selling USC clothing in UCLA’s blue and gold?
Sarah: Hello Zack.
Tom Brokaw: You are good.
Tom Brokaw: Still, I want to know.
Sarah: Thanks. Have a great day!
Sarah has disconnected.

This woman was really smart and clearly tricked me.  I was totally certain she would tell the truth to Tom Brokaw.  After all, he wrote the Greatest Generation book and has no visible upper lip.  I decided to resort to more drastic measures.

Megan: Hi, my name is Megan. How may I help you?
Brett Favre: What are the odds you would print my jersey in Packer Green and Gold?
Megan: Hi Zack!
Brett Favre: Apparently the word is out, huh?
Brett Favre: We should all get a pizza or something.
Megan: Have a good day.
Megan has disconnected.

Nothing worked.  So what is the end result?  Nike has become aware of me and doesn’t seem to care.  I have always loved Nike’s running clothes.  Actually, I’ve always dug Nike in general, but their argument doesn’t fly with me.  I didn’t see any Oregon gear in Orange and Black.  I saw no Texas gear in Crimson and Cream.

When will they unleash a statement?  Ug.  I’ll probably just get sued or something.



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23 responses to “My First Attempt to Alert Nike of the UCLA\USC Clothing Mistake.

  1. erin bryn shilling

    gotta love your persistence

  2. Winston

    hahaaa…love it

  3. TRAU

    this has been a hilarious saga…

  4. Zack, I appreciate your interest in our Nike Products, rest assured we will get to the bottom of this debacle. In the meantime can I interest you in some beef jerky?

    • Zack

      No products needed. The people of Los Angeles demand an answer. That is all. Also, if you are truly from Nike, can we have a Lost Angeles branded sneaker to up my street cred?

  5. Bill Rowe

    Very well done, I must say. Bravo.

  6. Zack

    thanks, Bill 🙂

  7. alzheimersisawesome

    leave those nice folks in bangalore alone 🙂

  8. Sarah

    Zack, you inspired me to have a Nike chat of my own… I’m a UCLA student who finds this fiasco absolutely hilarious! This guy also had a sense of humor about the whole thing. Here’s the transcript (his name omitted) for your enjoyment:

    Nike Person: Hi, my name is ___. How may I help you?
    Sarah: Hi! I am trying to locate a couple of sweatshirts my friend told me about, but I can’t find the colors I want.
    NP: I will be more than happy to assist you.
    NP: Can I get the style number?
    Sarah: Well… I haven’t got a number for them. I saw a picture of a USC sweatshirt that was definitely… unique… and I can’t find it, even when I searched for all USC gear.
    Sarah: One of them is a track jacket, with Trojans written on the back, but the kicker is… it’s in blue and gold… I wanted it for a gag gift, but I can’t find it to buy!
    NP: Ok do you have the name of the item?
    NP: I know there was one like that last year. It was last years model and is no longer carried.
    Sarah: Ok, how about the other one… it was a zip-down sweatshirt hoodie, with a gold Trojan logo on the front. And it was in blue.
    NP: I know I have had a lot of people asking for that track jacket the alst few days but it is no longer made.
    Sarah: How long has it been discontinued for?
    NP: I heard there is some blog that talks about the jacket.
    NP: Right around this time last year. Let me see if I can find a hoodie for you.
    Sarah: Is there? I heard about it from a friend of mine. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and was actually going to buy it to prove it existed… it’s a perfect gag gift!
    NP: It would be a good gag gift.
    Sarah: Is there any Trojan gear that is still available in blue and gold?
    NP: I am not showing the hoodie at this time.
    NP: I am not showing any on our website or any of my Niketown stores or factory outlet stores.
    NP: You might want to try our retail partners.
    Sarah: Aww, darnit. Nike could totally capitalize on this grievous error if they kept selling them…
    Nathan: Finishline, CHamps, and
    NP: Do you have any other questions for me today?
    Sarah: No, that was it. Thanks for your help. Maybe Cal gear will be released in cardinal red next…
    NP: That is possible.
    NP: Enjoy your weekend Sarah.
    NP: Bye.
    Sarah: Thank you. Bye!
    NP has disconnected.

  9. Sarah

    Yeah, they said this stuff was sold a year ago and isn’t sold now.
    But the USC women’s shirt… is definitely still a live link! You can actually buy it, if you’re inclined to. I almost did but I don’t want to spend over $30 on a shirt I really can’t wear =P

  10. Tiffany

    This made my day at work. Hahaha, truly amusing.

  11. Hey zaCH … keep your spirit, man! u rock.

  12. Bev

    hilarious and utterly ridiculous. they’re just embarrassed by their horrible mistake.

  13. Bryan

    I would actually LOVE to find one of those zip-up hoodies, any suggestions on how to find one? They’ve been pulled from Nike’s site…

  14. The products are gone! We did it!

  15. First-rate Post.

    Thank you for the details.

  16. conspiracyzach

    If you are curious about Nike’s relationship with the University of Oregon the videos here are about that:

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