More Fun With Nike and the Bruin/Trojan Gear.

Unsatisfied by my previous interactions, I continued to be a good steward of the rivalry.  I went to check the Nike site and they had REMOVED the designs from their online store.  I needed to know more.  Naturally, I went back to the chat room…

Billy: Hi, my name is Billy. How may I help you?
Zack of Lost Angeles: Did you really get rid of the blue and gold USC gear because of the blog post?
Billy: Not that I am aware of. I show we still have a few items left online
Zack of Lost Angeles: they are available for purchase still? i couldn’t find them.
Zack of Lost Angeles: at least not the sweatshirt or girls T
Billy: I see a hat, shirt, and 2 jackets
Zack of Lost Angeles: thank you for checking
Zack of Lost Angeles: is Nike aware of the blog post that’s getting all those hits?
Billy: I don’t know
Zack of Lost Angeles: I feel like this is like The Insider and I am Russell Crowe and you are the tobacco company.
Billy: Have a great day!
Billy has disconnected.

Billy was lying.  They still had off-colored jackets, etc.  What they removed were the three items of UCLA colored gear.  At this point, I’ve emailed this post to Bill Plaschke at the LA Times, who is kind enough to read my writing sometimes and to Ben Malcolmson who runs the USC Rips It Blog (he wrote back, but hasn’t posted the link.  I’m guessing that isn’t kosher to knock your sponsor).  I am starting to think Nike has been talking about me internally.  I’ll just ask I guess:

Megan: Hi, my name is Megan. How may I help you?
Zack of Lost Angeles: We meet again 🙂
Megan: Hi Zack.
Zack of Lost Angeles: Have you been told by your supervisors just to ignore me?
Zack of Lost Angeles: I’m not trying to cause trouble or anything, I dig Nike a lot.
Zack of Lost Angeles: I just want to know what’s up with those designs. Is there anyone I can hit up in PR?
Megan: We have answered all of your questions regarding the issue with the USC products, I would be happy to assist you with something else.
Zack of Lost Angeles: No one has answered if it was intentional to use our rivals colors. I just wanted to know if that was taken into consideration.
Megan has disconnected.

At this point, I was hoping someone would just give me a statement like:  “the clothes are popular, it is intentional” or “we made a mistake, we create so many clothes this can happen.  we are sorry” or “go jump off a cliff while eating poisonous spicy tuna rolls with a bomb strapped to you chest”.  Nothing.  Ignoring me.  So what do you think I did?

I used the original link and bought the blue and gold sweatshirt.  Their link to the shirt was still live (until five minutes ago) and I was able to order it.  I have a confirmation number and all.  Let’s see what they do.  I wonder if they refund my card and cancel the order?  Me getting that shirt might be like giving a ten-year-old a lightsaber.  Havoc ensues.   Then again, canceling the order will surely start a fire.

It’s silly.  I don’t want a handout.  I just want a statement from Nike.  I posted the pictures for fun on my blog and since, tens of thousands of people have been flooding my site and debating the clothing and the rivalry.  I want to be a good blogger and get my readers an answer.  It would be awesome if they could hook me up with just a statement.  I’ll keep trying until I get it.  I promise.

So I have a little experiment I’d like you all to play with me.  Let’s mobilize the Lost Angeles nation, both Trojan and Bruin alike.  Let’s unite in our differences.

Go to Nike’s consumer chat room by CLICKING HERE.  When chatting with a friendly service rep, asking them how you can order this product (pictured below).  I’ve added the product number as well.  When they tell you something, copy and paste their response to the post and let’s see what they are saying.  Therein, my friends, lies the truth.

Picture 2



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6 responses to “More Fun With Nike and the Bruin/Trojan Gear.

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  2. Here’s my transcript. When the sentence “I know exactly what shirt you are speaking of popped up,” I got chills.

    For the record, the link she provided does not have any of the bruin-colored items.

    J: Hi, my name is J. How may I help you?
    J: Hi Jonathan.
    Jonathan Kuhn: I’m trying to order a product I saw feature on a website, but the link doesn’t seem to work.
    Jonathan Kuhn: Hi J
    Jonathan Kuhn: I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to order it
    J: I would be happy to assist you.
    J: Can you tell me the name of the item?
    Jonathan Kuhn: It’s called Nike Lightweight (USC) Men’s…
    Jonathan Kuhn: it’s cut off after that
    Jonathan Kuhn: but it’s a sweatshirt
    Jonathan Kuhn: a blue one
    Jonathan Kuhn: there’s a product number I think, if that would help
    Jonathan Kuhn: 2101SC-410
    J: I know exactly what shirt you are speaking of.
    Jonathan Kuhn: Awesome. Is there a way to order it?
    J: This was from last year and is not available any longer.
    Jonathan Kuhn: Oh, man. That’s too bad. Would any stores still carry it?
    J: No unfortunately not.
    J: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    Jonathan Kuhn: Is there anything similar to it still available?
    J: One moment.
    Jonathan Kuhn: thanks
    J: Here is a link to all of the USC gear we are offering.
    Jonathan Kuhn: Cool, thank you for your help.
    Jonathan Kuhn: Have a good day.

  3. seanmcdonnellbrown

    Nathan: Hi, my name is Nathan. How may I help you?
    Nathan: Hello.
    Sean Brown: hi Nathan, I was actually trying to find a particular USC sweatshirt
    Nathan: How can I help you?
    Sean Brown: blue and gold USC
    Nathan: If you are looking for the blue and gold we no longer carry that item.
    Sean Brown: noooo!
    Sean Brown: how come?
    Nathan: That is an older model.
    Sean Brown: they didn’t sell or what?
    Sean Brown: i feel like that would be super popular
    Nathan: Last years model and they no longer carry the item.
    Sean Brown: it didn’t have anything to do with that Lost Angeles blog did it?
    Nathan: I will leave feedback for you that you are requesting this item.
    Sean Brown: thank you Nathan
    Sean Brown: because I heard you could even get them a could days ago
    Nathan: Not that I know of.
    Sean Brown: and it didn’t have anything to do with the Lost Angeles Blog?
    Nathan: Not that I know of Sean.
    Sean Brown: thank you Nathan
    Sean Brown: have a nice weekend
    Nathan: Have a nice night and weekend.
    Nathan: Will do.
    Nathan: Bye.
    Nathan has disconnected.

    I live in Portland, and actually know a couple of people who work for Nike, there’s an outside chance I might be able to track someone down to get the inside scoop.

  4. Erin Bryn Shilling

    Jamie: Hi, my name is Jamie. How may I help you?
    Jamie: Hi Erin.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: Hi James, I wanted help with purchasing a sweatshirt
    Erin Bryn Shilling: i have the item number
    Erin Bryn Shilling: 2101SC-410
    Jamie: It’s Jamie, and I would be happy to assist you.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: oh sorry, Jaime
    Erin Bryn Shilling: how can I purchase that item?
    Jamie: This is no longer available.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: how come?
    Jamie: This was released last year, and people just now are creating a buzz about it.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: I thought it would make a great gag gift!
    Erin Bryn Shilling: if there is such a buzz, why wouldnt you keep it in stock?
    Jamie: Kinda funny to tell you the truth it was out for a year without a word.
    Jamie: Because there wasn’t a buzz until now.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: yeah I just heard about it myself
    Erin Bryn Shilling: so are you going to bring it back in stock?
    Jamie: More than likely not.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: any reason why not?
    Erin Bryn Shilling: seems like it would be a great seller, very contraversial
    Jamie: No, is there anything else I can assist you with?
    Jamie: Has nothing to do with the rivalry the whole line was made in the same colors for every team.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: just curious as to why you wont re-stock it with its new found popularity?
    Erin Bryn Shilling: oh well it is a funny coincidence then!
    Jamie: Do you have any questions regarding any other products?
    Erin Bryn Shilling: not at the time
    Jamie: Alright well have a great weekend.
    Erin Bryn Shilling: you too and GO TROJANS!
    Jamie: Thank you.
    Jamie: Bye.

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  6. not John David Booty

    Shane: Hi, my name is Shane. How may I help you?
    John David Booty: Hey Shane
    John David Booty: Do you have any idea why Nike sells USC gear in UCLA colors?
    Shane: Hey.
    Shane: I think we do have a contract with that college. I’ll be happy to take a look into that for you though!
    Shane: Aren’t the colors blue and yellow?
    John David Booty: Yes, UCLA colors are.
    Shane: Or is it red and yellow?
    Shane: Okay. One second.
    John David Booty: Yes, USC colors are.

    This is a link the the USC stuff on our website.
    Shane: I know we have UCLA stuff, just not on the site. Let me look for some pictures of some products that I find.
    John David Booty: Hmm, yeah, I saw it in the store.
    John David Booty: Doesn’t it seem odd to sell clothing for USC in the colors or our sworn rival UCLA?
    Shane: Hah, yeah that is definitely weird.
    Shane: I’m going to submit some feedback in regards to that.
    John David Booty: well, that would be splendid.
    John David Booty: appreciate your honesty

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