Nike Fail 2.0.

Picture 3

If you read down in the comments section of my previous post, you’ll see how Nike has started claiming the product no longer exists (despite me being able to purchase it today from the still-live link to the product).  Eventually, they unlinked that sweatshirt.

But oops.

FOOT LOCKER is still selling it.  Get them while they are hot.  And by the way…  We’re planning a crosstown celebration soon.  It will be like Braveheart more or less.



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4 responses to “Nike Fail 2.0.

  1. Tam the Golden Bear

    Kevin: Hi, my name is Kevin. How may I help you?
    Kevin: Hi Tam.
    Tam: Hi
    Tam: Do you sell any Stanford sweatshirts in blue and gold?
    Kevin: I would be more than happy to assist you with that. One moment please.

    (about 5 minutes go by…)

    Kevin: I searched high and low and am unable to locate sweatshirts on our on-line store or within any of our retail locations. Since you are looking for an authentic Stanford sweatshirt my best suggestion is to go to Stanford’s bookstore or a few local stores in the Stanford area. Since we sponsor a number of ranked NCAA teams, most of our collegiate licensed apparel we produce are sold through local retailers around the Universities themselves.

    Tam: Thanks for your help!
    Kevin: I will send your concerns into my corporate report.
    Kevin: Goodbye and have a wonderful day.

  2. And only $39.99?! What a deal!

    I talked to a fucla alum this weekend. She did say that would be equally offensive to a bruin to have a Trojan logo on their puke blue and yellow. However, she doesn’t really care much about the college rivalry.

    Ah…speaking like a true bruin. 😉

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