Nike Sends Me a Survey.

These Nike folks don’t know what is going on.  I am sure of it.  They have been incredibly unhelpful in their online chat room.  In fact, I would say they are going out of there way to not be helpful.  Of course, they are such a big company that they sent me a message asking me if I’d take a survey regarding my online experience with them.

Of course, I did.

Picture 8

Here is their note to me.  I was laughing before I even opened the survey.

Dear Zack,

We want to hear what you have to say about your recent contact with Nike! We won’t rest until we’ve made every effort to provide you with a service experience that is best in class.

Please take a few minutes to answer some brief questions about your service experience on September 10, 2009 at 2:06 PM. The information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used to ensure that we are providing you with a true Nike experience.

To complete the survey, simply click on the link below or copy it into your browser. The survey should take only 3-5 minutes to complete.

Please note that the purpose of this e-mail is solely to provide you with an invitation to take our survey. This note is being sent to you from a non-responding email alias and replies to this email will not receive a response.

If you require assistance for a new or existing support request, please contact Nike Customer support at 800-806-6453 or

We look forward to your feedback!

Nike Customer Service

Now, onto the survey.  After giving a lot of UNSATISFACTORY report card grades, here was my feedback letter to them.

I have been an avid Nike supporter for my entire life.  I believe in your products.  When I saw that you had created USC branded clothing in UCLA’s traditional Blue and Gold color scheme, I felt compelled to write and ask why that was allowed.  The stock answer I received was that there were blue and gold clothes for all schools, that this was simply a line of clothing.  Even if that is the case, it was blatant disrespect to USC and even to UCLA, who I hope sinks into the Pacific to be found in 10,000 years by space people.

We work very hard on being proud of our school and I know Nike usually works hard to service the schools they make clothing for.  I was in your Beverly Hills Niketown recently and saw a very cool display with life-sized USC and Cal players in full Combat gear.  It was awesome.  I say that because I know you guys know what a slap in the face this is for USC fans.  There is no excuse.  If it was a line of clothing, someone on your team should have known this.  I could tell you that there should be no Ohio State gear in Michigan’s Maize and Blue.  There should be no Cal gear in Stanford Cardinal.  Even the most basic college football fans know this.  You are Nike.  You know better.

That said, I posted the pictures of the products on my blog and suddenly a deluge of readers flocked to the site.  As of right now, the article about your blue/gold USC gear has received over 24,000 views and the related articles, thousands more.  Due to the overwhelming response from both USC and UCLA fans, I decided to inquire on your site’s live chat room.  Every time I went on, I was lied to or hung up on (all of which I posted on my blog as well).

No one was mean to me or disrespectful, it was just a general lack of giving an expletive about our concerns.  I had some readers ask the same questions, but they all received different evasive responses.  We were told some of the following things:

1.  This was an old product line no longer available.
2.  It was a line used for all teams.
3.  It was getting buzz from a blog written a year ago.

And so on and so forth.  Here is what IS true.  The clothes were taken out of the search functionality of your online store almost within a day.  I had saved the links to the individual products and was able to order a blue sweatshirt even though it was now removed from the site.  Hours later, the individual links were taken down.  Still, Foot Locker is selling the gear.

I sit curiously wondering if the order I have made and been charged for will arrive.  On one hand, maybe you cancel the order in which case I know you are reading this and fixing the problem.  On the other hand, if I receive the product, it is a blatant lie that it was old gear and no longer available.  Why?  Because I bought it the same day FROM the Nike website.

I don’t like busting your hump.  I really like Nike.  I really like running in your gear.  All I wanted was some honest clarification on the subject.  It is not enough to hear that the line was for all colleges and it was nothing personal.  It was for USC and UCLA.  It should be for your team as well.

Everyone makes mistakes.  Not everyone does the right thing.  It’s not cool to blow off the fan base of one of your schools.  It just makes us think you are mad that Oregon lost to Boise State.  It was a pretty bad loss for them, but don’t take it out on us.  No one could win in those jerseys.  Not even Steve McQueen riding a robotic dinosaur that had laser-eyes.

Say it ain’t so.


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