More Nike News.

Since the purchase of my sweatshirt, I have been extremely confused all the time.  Often, I find myself wandering aimlessly into the women’s bathroom at my local watering holes.  When I am redirected to the men’s room, I have inexplicably made the mistake of using urinals exclusively, whether it is a number one or two.  I often find myself chewing the tinfoil instead of the gum.  The other day, I scooped out all the watermelon and just ate the rinds.  When in New York, it got cold at night, I put my gloves on my feet and walked around with my socks on my hands.  It’s getting ridiculous.  It’s getting ridiculous when you drink Drain-O when your doctor recommends more fiber in your diet.

I suspect this will not be the last email I get like this.  “Megan”, whose name and email will remain hidden, was inspired to order the bastardized Nike gear and further, to take a picture of herself wearing it.  She sent me a very nice email I thought I’d share with the nation of Lost Angeles.


Dear Zack,

At the persistence of my Trojan friend, I am writing to you to share a bit of myself.  I am among the relative few of Los Angeles to become a collegiate hybrid. Yes, that’s right, I’m a Brojan. Ugh ugh ugh. My alma mater is UCLA, and I will always have a special place in my heart for that campus. However, I cannot deny the fact that the Trojan community is winning my affection over as I continue my Masters degree at the famed University of Southern California.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t immerse myself in the Bruin culture as much as I could. However, I did try and enjoy my time there by attending the famous basketball games and trying my luck with the Rose Bowl tailgates. I believe that students do celebrate their pride of UCLA, but it’s really overshadowed by USC. As a newly minted Trojan, I am bewildered in amazement how USC comes together for school spirit. Quite simply, it’s =o! It really is a Trojan family.

But llet’s face it, neither school is perfect (in this regard, I’m not that die hard to pull out my SAT scores to show how one school is insanely better than the other). Nevertheless both schools help develop the student for life after college; it’s up to the individual to on what they do with their education.  I can attest to that. But for now, I enjoyed where I was, and enjoy where I am now.

So back to my subject line. I enjoyed reading your blog and was prompted to buy a shirt (as well as other SC apparel).  Sure enough, it’s true. Included is a picture to demonstrate my pride and curse. My friend said I should’ve put it on ebay instead of wearing it; he did say, “it’s your funeral.”

I kinda believe it.



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