Google Wave Haters Should Start Now.

You know the Anti-Twitter Guy?  I wrote about them a while back.  You know, the guy (or gal) who just heard the word Twitter, didn’t know what it meant, and automatically started hating it.  You know who I am talking about?  The one that reminds you of the old man on the front porch screaming at “those damn kids” who keep “riding bikes” and “causing a ruckus”.  That guy.  The Twitter Hater has quieted down now because it caught on.  They’ve gotten a handle on what it is, how it works and why it can be useful.  They are now at peace.


Not so fast, my friend.  Something wicked this way comes.

Google Wave, bitches.  It’s on its way and I am not alone in feeling that this is the new “thing” we’ll all be tweeting about.  Or shall I say “waving” about.  So what is it?  Google describes it as “a personal communication and collaboration tool”.  That could mean anything from a cell phone to a set of pink fluffy handcuffs.  So what is Wave?

Essentially, it’s the combination of a grip of social media connections into one “wave”.  It’s instant messaging, file sharing, blogging, tweeting, retweeting and an espresso maker all in one.  One Google exec explained that it is their take on what email would look like it if had been invented now.  I watched the hour and twenty second demo video.  I get that.  It’s real time.  It could be a really powerful way of communicating.


All that said, Anti-Twitter guy is not gonna like this.  That’s why it is my suggestion that he get started saying how much he hates Google Wave now, so he can be a trend-setting hater.  There are plenty of videos out already that will help you hate Wave.  If you hate it far enough in advance, just like Gmail, Gmail chat, the iPhone and Twitter, people may forget you hated it by the time you are using it every single day.



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3 responses to “Google Wave Haters Should Start Now.

  1. Nice post, glad other people are picking up on this unreal technology now….. check the date of that blog…… great minds think alike BOOM BANG WHAT

  2. Erika

    Ok, that was hilarious. I needed that this morning. I hate Wave so much I am desperately seeking an invite…..of course, so I can back up my hatred of it.

    hee hee

  3. keely

    I’m so fed up with all the whining bitches out there, especially the ones with no technical knowledge or know how.

    This is a fantastic idea, with creative people working around the clock to try and give us what we want. Who the feck are you to criticise??? Ask yourself what have you contributed? to anything?

    There will of course be problems in any programme, especially when it is still been tested.

    The reason you got an invite was to give feedback, The reason for this is so that the people who made this all possible, can make it better and iron out the creases.

    So to all the people out there complaining, (and probably using the spell check that these people created) a big fat F— Y–

    And on behalf of all the people that love Google, Google spell check, Google maps etcetera etcetera
    Thank you sooooo much for making our lives easier and more interesting. Please ignore all the A.Holes out there, and keep up the good work xx

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