Off to San Diego.


Playing a show down there tonight at Tio Leo’s by USD if anyone is around.  Tweet to me @lost_angeles and let me know.  I am going to use my PowerShot I hooked up for my birthday to try to make a little short about the weekend.  Mostly because I will be going lots of places, sleeping very little, meeting lots of strange people and possible abusing some Beavers (from Oregon State that is).  I will get to run into Nike again, which should be fun.  I’ll play nice because I do support The Human Race and A Better LA, the program it is benefitting.

I will have a lot of tweets going out starting at around 12 noon, so as I said, follow me here.  I suspect by 11pm they will become entertaining.

Sorry it’s been a slow two days on Lost Angeles.  I think with the Steve Phillips post I peaked a little early this week.  Plus the Dodgers made me sick for like two days.  Know what made me feel better?  Ron Artest.  I decided he will be the focus of all my sportswriting until there is Dodger news again.  I want to do stats for Ron.


  • two “fuck yous” to the referees
  • eight hard ass stares at opposing players
  • one cool ass hand gesture to the crowd
  • three awesome pump ups with kobe

OK.  I’m off to Diego.  Holler at me.  <— I sounded pretty hood right about there.


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