Girls Soccer is For Keeps.

Picture 3

When girls decide to fight, a lot of time men describe it as a “cat fight”.  I think this is because of the stereotype that women will claw each other and pull each others’ hair.  I mean, I get it.  I remember the lunch room in middle school (sometimes high school) when two girls would fight and us menfolk would have the oddest of excitement over such a thing.

Then I saw this video of a soccer game between BYU and New Mexico.  This was no joke.  At times it was a Chuck Norris movie.  This clip defies some pretty established laws:

  • Soccer is a sport about flopping (these hits were real, yo)
  • Pulling hair is girlie (not when you do it like that)
  • Womens sports are soft (this thing looked like Running Man)




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3 responses to “Girls Soccer is For Keeps.

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  2. pat

    OMG Zack!! unbelievable!!!!

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