My Band is on The Hills Tonight.

It’ll be interesting.  I am excited that so many people will hear the music.  I am curious to know who these people are.  I think as an LA band, being on The Hills is kind of a strange distinction.  On the one hand, we are almost guaranteed to see our music during flyovers of the Sunset Strip, which is going to be very fun to see.  On the other hand, our album in my mind is almost the antithesis of what is going on with that show.

I have decided the only way to combat these conflicting thoughts is to drink a lot of whiskey.  Yeah?

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video of the song they’re using:



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5 responses to “My Band is on The Hills Tonight.

  1. jKim

    Great song. Love the AfterEffects work. I am assuming that’s you on the SG? Will definitely try to check you guys out next time your in San Diego.

    • Zack

      that is me on the SG. Had a crazy fever that night we filmed. A lot of fun. Our bassist Justin Krook did the AE work if you want to check him out!


  3. You’re band is so cool. Love the vibe of the song. And of course the hair.. I have a thing for big fluffy curly hair 🙂 ;D

    Hope to hear more songs from you!


  4. Ka ka

    Whiskey is always a good fixer!
    I really love the tune man been looking for it via the t’internet and now its been found.
    Wouldn’t worry about the hills thing it will only make you rich and famous and what comes then….

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